Commit History

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Chase 0f3bcae232 dtksh: Turn dtksh aliases into builtins and discard BLT_SPC flag 2 months ago
  Jon Trulson 15a2032626 Convert uses of XKeycodeToKeysym (deprecated) to XkbKeycodeToKeysym 5 months ago
  Jon Trulson 6f1a110e1d dtksh: fix 32b/64b issues with XmTextGetString and XmTextFieldGetString 6 months ago
  Jon Trulson 83ef13af18 desktopentry/README: Clarify that the login manager is responsible for setting language 7 months ago
  Jon Trulson 2a2c412e2e Revert "Add a new contrib/desktopentry-setlang/ mechanism" 7 months ago
  Jon Trulson 08b6281f60 Add a new contrib/desktopentry-setlang/ mechanism 7 months ago
  Jon Trulson 6b32246d06 dtsession, DtSvc: fix CVE-2020-2696/VU#308289 8 months ago
  Jon Trulson ab023dfaed DtSvc: always use vsnprintf 8 months ago
  Jon Trulson 2f8a2ec066 FreeBSD 12/libDtHelp: fix link errors with missing libjpeg 8 months ago
  Chase 008512c777 extra.h: remove unused prototypes 9 months ago
  Chase f28abfe8dd dtksh: remove needless OS defines 9 months ago
  Chase cc73d03e49 dtkcmds.c: avoid c99 collision 9 months ago
  Chase 3152b0bc4e dtksh: remove unused files and functions 9 months ago
  Jon Trulson 6c07a2ae69 always use bison 9 months ago
  Marcin Cieślak 5cebd7c4da dtdocbook/instant: fix buffer overlow on German umlaut in latin-1 9 months ago
  Nina Didenko 9221c55a5f tt_type_comp: use CppCmd definition 10 months ago
  Nina Didenko 8db8a22906 installCDE: don't hardcode path to whoami 10 months ago
  Jon Trulson 0d70d8b120 Set version to 2.3.1a (devel) for current master 10 months ago
  Jon Trulson 372e74a524 gitignore: add infolib/etc UTF-8 locales 10 months ago
  Jon Trulson a719c004b2 site.def: add define guards around DtLocalesToBuild 10 months ago
  Jon Trulson de9d913b77 dtinfo: link proper localized (utf8) dirs 10 months ago
  Jon Trulson ba68ff0a17 Merge branch 'master' into utf8-conversion after 2.3.1 release 10 months ago
  Jon Trulson 9753b63dab HISTORY: update for 2.3.1 release 10 months ago
  Jon Trulson 5fe7ee5b67 Change CDE version info for 2.3.1 release 10 months ago
  Nina Didenko f75ee32e72 sym2num: don't hardcode path to cpp 10 months ago
  Nina Didenko de7fe55d6a merge: don't hardcode path to gencat 10 months ago
  Nina Didenko 52caa8b8e6 udbToAny.ksh: don't hardcode path to awk 10 months ago
  Nina Didenko b3f3997bd1 dtinfogen: don't override PATH 10 months ago
  Chase 88b46c6a28 il: remove various deprecated files 10 months ago
  Chase 0f36a57eff remove more internal jpeg headers 10 months ago