Commit History

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  Chocobozzz 9e2700b89d Fix lint 3 months ago
  Chocobozzz c37b19ffa9 Add no-constant-binary-expression eslint rule 5 months ago
  Chocobozzz 3a4992633e Migrate server to ESM 10 months ago
  Chocobozzz 1772b383de Add peertube runner cli 1 year ago
  Chocobozzz e65ef81cf5 Update server dependencies 1 year ago
  Florent 7e0f50d6e0 Use single quotes in server/ and update eslint rules 1 year ago
  Chocobozzz ba2684cedd Fix lint 1 year ago
  Chocobozzz b8a4afa4c2 Optimize server eslint 2 years ago
  lutangar 06aad80165 chore(refactor): remove shared folder dependencies to the server 2 years ago
  Chocobozzz 98ab5dc810 Remove useless async 2 years ago
  Chocobozzz c158a5faab Refactor a little bit controllers 3 years ago
  Chocobozzz a35a22797c Remove previous thumbnail if needed 3 years ago
  Chocobozzz faa9d434b4 Update server dependencies 4 years ago
  Chocobozzz 4a8d113b9b Begin support for external auths 4 years ago
  Chocobozzz 7fed637506 Begin auth plugin support 4 years ago
  Chocobozzz d96994289b Update server dependencies 4 years ago
  Chocobozzz bdd428a6d9 Update dependencies 4 years ago
  Chocobozzz a15871560f Move to eslint 4 years ago