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  Daniel Stenberg 2bc1d775f5 copyright: update all copyright lines and remove year ranges 2 months ago
  max.mehl ad9bc5976d copyright: make repository REUSE compliant 10 months ago
  Christian Weisgerber via curl-library 46f11a4cef fix portability issues 10 months ago
  Vincent Torri ee52bead4d cmake: add libpsl support 10 months ago
  Ryan Schmidt a04f0b9613 Makefile: fix "make ca-firefox" 11 months ago
  Christopher Degawa d8b19cb41f Makefile: fix ca-bundle due to being moved 11 months ago
  Nick Banks 37492ebbfa msh3: add support for QUIC and HTTP/3 using msh3 11 months ago
  Daniel Stenberg 08ca1f2b97 projects/README: converted to markdown 1 year ago
  Jay Satiro f7376547bf projects: Update VC version names for VS2017, VS2022 1 year ago
  Daniel Stenberg 8e22fc68e7 scripts: move three scripts from lib/ to scripts/ 1 year ago
  Jay Satiro 30b6896058 Generate VS 2022 projects 1 year ago
  Daniel Stenberg 5a0644fae8 projects: remove support for MSVC before VC10 (Visual Studio 2010) 1 year ago
  Daniel Stenberg ccb466fd36 misc: update copyright years 1 year ago
  Marc Hoersken ab1671cafe CI/makefiles: introduce dedicated test target 1 year ago
  Daniel Stenberg 259c70a930 Revert "libcurl.pc: make it relocatable" 2 years ago
  Daniel Stenberg 4d2f800677 new home 2 years ago
  Daniel Stenberg f3b7d72c57 packages/OS400: make the source code-style compliant 2 years ago
  Cristian Morales Vega 3862c37b63 libcurl.pc: make it relocatable 2 years ago
  Daniel Stenberg be753add31 winbuild: convert the instruction text to 2 years ago
  Don 7f8863f741 dist: add missing CMake Find modules to the distribution 2 years ago
  Peter Wu 5bfc874a35 CMake: add HTTP/3 support (ngtcp2+nghttp3, quiche) 2 years ago
  Daniel Stenberg 9a8b3b3e13 copyright: fix out-of-date copyright ranges and missing headers 3 years ago
  Daniel Stenberg 37a0541882 cmake: add support for building with wolfSSL 3 years ago
  Muhammad Herdiansyah 0cc66ff5a4 Makefile: run the cd commands in a subshell 3 years ago
  Michael Forney 9b879160df TLS: add BearSSL vtls implementation 3 years ago
  Jay Satiro ee5c68a963 projects: Fix Visual Studio projects SSH builds 3 years ago
  lufia 84aba180e2 plan9: add support for running on Plan 9 4 years ago
  Simon Legner e075b2149b scripts/ also generate fish completion file 4 years ago
  Daniel Stenberg be20814191 Makefile: add 'tidy' target that runs clang-tidy 4 years ago
  Viktor Szakats b801b453af whitespace fixes 4 years ago