Commit History

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Patrick Monnerat bbac7c19e5 tftpd: always use curl's own tftp.h 1 day ago
  Benoit Pierre 3e39cda4d6 configure: fix `HAVE_TIME_T_UNSIGNED` check 1 week ago
  Wyatt O'Day e92edfbef6 lib: add ability to disable auths individually 2 months ago
  Dan Fandrich a20fbb0348 configure: trust pkg-config when it's used for zlib 3 weeks ago
  Daniel Stenberg e67718eef7 lib: --disable-bindlocal builds curl without local binding support 1 month ago
  Viktor Szakats c90c78333b build: streamline non-UWP wincrypt detections 1 month ago
  Patrick Monnerat 038c46f61f configure, cmake, lib: more form api deprecation 10 months ago
  Daniel Stenberg 7c8bae0d9c nss: remove support for this TLS library 1 month ago
  Daniel Stenberg 756c6a02ba configure: use the pkg-config --libs-only-l flag for libssh2 1 month ago
  Daniel Stenberg 2900c29218 configure: check for nghttp2_session_get_stream_local_window_size 2 months ago
  Tatsuhiro Tsujikawa e0093b4b73 ngtcp2: build with 0.17.0 and nghttp3 0.13.0 2 months ago
  divinity76 238b7bdf09 configure: the --without forms of the options are also gone 3 months ago
  Daniel Stenberg 0ac6108856 configure: add check for ldap_init_fd 3 months ago
  Daniel Stenberg c92b7228c5 timeval: use CLOCK_MONOTONIC_RAW if available 3 months ago
  Viktor Szakats c78a185df7 build: drop unused/redundant `HAVE_WINLDAP_H` 4 months ago
  Alejandro R. Sedeño 5a023938fa configure: fix run-compiler for old /bin/sh 3 months ago
  Daniel Stenberg 814d3ffe74 configure: without pkg-config and no custom path, use -lnghttp2 3 months ago
  Emanuele Torre c4a019603b configure: fix build with arbitrary CC and LD_LIBRARY_PATH 4 months ago
  Christian Hesse 471dab2da0 configure: quote the assignments for run-compiler 4 months ago
  Emanuele Torre 81f3c4bc65 configure: fix --help alignment 4 months ago
  Daniel Stenberg b78ca50cb3 configure: generate a script to run the compiler 4 months ago
  Daniel Stenberg 2541231639 configure: fix detection of apxs (for httpd) 4 months ago
  Stefan Eissing acd82c8bfd tests/http: more tests with specific clients 4 months ago
  Daniel Stenberg 7b95b6e983 configure: don't set HAVE_WRITABLE_ARGV on Windows 5 months ago
  Stefan Eissing e0c3424fb1 tests/http: improved httpd detection 5 months ago
  Daniel Stenberg 164dab7864 configure: make quiche require quiche_conn_send_ack_eliciting 5 months ago
  Daniel Stenberg 8455013359 lib: use correct printf flags for sockets and timediffs 5 months ago
  Stefan Eissing 78f73f79ca ngtcp2: adjust config and code checks for ngtcp2 without nghttp3 6 months ago
  Stefan Eissing 7fa6e36583 tests/http: add pytest to GHA and improve tests 6 months ago
  Daniel Stenberg e4d5685cb5 DEPRECATE: the original legacy mingw version 1 6 months ago