Commit History

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Daniel Stenberg 03cb1ff4d6 fopen: create new file using old file's mode 1 week ago
  Jacob Hoffman-Andrews b9b50f3193 hyper: temporarily remove HTTP/2 support 1 month ago
  Daniel Stenberg 5f78cf503c HTTP3: ngtcp2 builds are no longer experimental 1 month ago
  Daniel Stenberg d2d48f21f3 configure: better --disable-http 1 month ago
  Viktor Szakats a426b5050f build: variadic macro tidy-ups 1 month ago
  Viktor Szakats 2100d9fde2 cmake: pre-fill rest of detection values for Windows 2 months ago
  Daniel Stenberg f4ff410807 configure: check for the fseeko declaration too 1 month ago
  Jay Satiro e160d17a02 build: fix 'threadsafe' feature detection for older gcc 1 month ago
  Viktor Szakats 4c6365af02 autotools: restore `HAVE_IOCTL_*` detections 2 months ago
  Viktor Szakats 1e8c7fac42 configure: replace adhoc domain with `localhost` in tests 2 months ago
  Daniel Stenberg 2ba804942f configure: remove unused checks 2 months ago
  Natanael Copa 9c7165e96a lib: use wrapper for curl_mime_data fseek callback 2 months ago
  Natanael Copa b226bd679a configure: sort AC_CHECK_FUNCS 2 months ago
  Viktor Szakats 38029101e2 mingw: delete support for legacy toolchain 3 months ago
  Patrick Monnerat bbac7c19e5 tftpd: always use curl's own tftp.h 2 months ago
  Benoit Pierre 3e39cda4d6 configure: fix `HAVE_TIME_T_UNSIGNED` check 2 months ago
  Wyatt O'Day e92edfbef6 lib: add ability to disable auths individually 4 months ago
  Dan Fandrich a20fbb0348 configure: trust pkg-config when it's used for zlib 3 months ago
  Daniel Stenberg e67718eef7 lib: --disable-bindlocal builds curl without local binding support 3 months ago
  Viktor Szakats c90c78333b build: streamline non-UWP wincrypt detections 3 months ago
  Patrick Monnerat 038c46f61f configure, cmake, lib: more form api deprecation 1 year ago
  Daniel Stenberg 7c8bae0d9c nss: remove support for this TLS library 4 months ago
  Daniel Stenberg 756c6a02ba configure: use the pkg-config --libs-only-l flag for libssh2 4 months ago
  Daniel Stenberg 2900c29218 configure: check for nghttp2_session_get_stream_local_window_size 4 months ago
  Tatsuhiro Tsujikawa e0093b4b73 ngtcp2: build with 0.17.0 and nghttp3 0.13.0 4 months ago
  divinity76 238b7bdf09 configure: the --without forms of the options are also gone 5 months ago
  Daniel Stenberg 0ac6108856 configure: add check for ldap_init_fd 5 months ago
  Daniel Stenberg c92b7228c5 timeval: use CLOCK_MONOTONIC_RAW if available 5 months ago
  Viktor Szakats c78a185df7 build: drop unused/redundant `HAVE_WINLDAP_H` 6 months ago
  Alejandro R. Sedeño 5a023938fa configure: fix run-compiler for old /bin/sh 6 months ago