Commit History

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Daniel Stenberg 8455013359 lib: use correct printf flags for sockets and timediffs 4 days ago
  Stefan Eissing 78f73f79ca ngtcp2: adjust config and code checks for ngtcp2 without nghttp3 1 week ago
  Stefan Eissing 7fa6e36583 tests/http: add pytest to GHA and improve tests 3 weeks ago
  Daniel Stenberg e4d5685cb5 DEPRECATE: the original legacy mingw version 1 4 weeks ago
  Harry Sintonen 755ddbe901 rand: use arc4random as fallback when available 4 weeks ago
  Jan Engelhardt 73e9e6d767 build: drop the use of XC_AMEND_DISTCLEAN 1 month ago
  Stefan Eissing e497a96a0e tests: rename tests/tests-httpd to tests/http 1 month ago
  Daniel Stenberg 835682661c misc: remove support for curl_off_t < 8 bytes 1 month ago
  Stefan Eissing 671158242d connections: introduce http/3 happy eyeballs 1 month ago
  Stefan Eissing 33ac97e1cb tests-httpd: basic infra to run curl against an apache httpd plus nghttpx for h3 2 months ago
  Daniel Stenberg 2bc1d775f5 copyright: update all copyright lines and remove year ranges 2 months ago
  Stefan Eissing f39472ea9f openssl: remove attached easy handles from SSL instances 3 months ago
  Jay Satiro fe3463eba7 build: assume errno.h is always available 4 months ago
  Jay Satiro 57d3477e77 build: assume assert.h is always available 4 months ago
  Stefan Eissing ca15b7512e tests: add HTTP/3 test case, custom location for proper nghttpx 4 months ago
  Stefan Eissing 55807e6c05 tls: backends use connection filters for IO, enabling HTTPS-proxy 4 months ago
  Daniel Stenberg 592107fa16 configure: require fork for NTLM-WB 4 months ago
  Viktor Szakats 3390ef0af0 windows: fail early with a missing windres in autotools 5 months ago
  Viktor Szakats b51560b9ff winidn: drop WANT_IDN_PROTOTYPES 5 months ago
  Viktor Szakats 23029838e2 autotools: allow unix sockets on Windows 5 months ago
  Viktor Szakats 0c327464ca tidy-up: delete parallel/unused feature flags 5 months ago
  Daniel Stenberg 3664bccc54 configure: the ngtcp2 option should default to 'no' 5 months ago
  Daniel Stenberg 267668308b configure: deprecate builds with small curl_off_t 6 months ago
  Viktor Szakats 9325ab2cf9 windows: autotools .rc warnings fixup 6 months ago
  Daniel Stenberg 935b1bd454 mprintf: use snprintf if available 6 months ago
  Viktor Szakats 6de7322c03 windows: add .rc support to autotools builds 6 months ago
  Daniel Stenberg 3b0d678f78 configure: polish the grep -E message a bit further 6 months ago
  Daniel Stenberg ae4d1437f1 configure: correct the wording when checking grep -E 6 months ago
  Daniel Stenberg 664249d095 ws: initial websockets support 6 months ago
  Daniel Stenberg 6a9b1d1c94 configure: add --enable-websockets 6 months ago