Commit History

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Davin McCall 8ee65e1b3c Test we can load services where "before" link refers to dependent 13 hours ago
  Davin McCall 00a60750a3 Add integration test for dinit-check cycle checking (via before) 17 hours ago
  Daniel Kolesa c7b9e5ed61 Substitute env-file in service files at load 4 months ago
  Davin McCall 80323d1dfd Use symlinks for headers in tests, rather than copying 5 months ago
  Davin McCall 2a82bbc19b Add test for environment processing and fix bugs 10 months ago
  Davin McCall 1541bc2442 Add man page for dinit-monitor 1 year ago
  Davin McCall 89212c85ff Add test output file to gitignore 1 year ago
  Davin McCall 6f2ca4beb9 Move mconfig-gen into build/tools 2 years ago
  Davin McCall 9a71f6a82d Add a bunch of lint checks in dinitcheck 2 years ago
  Davin McCall 8d357dc388 Add int. test for failing to load service 3 years ago
  Davin McCall 87ba6f7116 Add 2nd reload test 3 years ago
  Davin McCall 6aef38b055 Integration test for dinitcheck dependency cycles detection 3 years ago
  Davin McCall 7cd85c1134 Add integration test for basic dinitcheck functionality 3 years ago
  Davin McCall 86d06859da Update gitignore 3 years ago
  Davin McCall bc5a97e29c Update gitignore 3 years ago
  Davin McCall ec6c94e228 Add integration test for "chain-to" service parameter 3 years ago
  Davin McCall a613dfebe4 Update .gitignore. 3 years ago
  Davin McCall 19c8b60e00 Add mconfig to gitignore. 4 years ago
  Davin McCall 1db980c9f1 Update .gitignore 4 years ago
  Davin McCall 8b2f89ca02 Add fuzz testing for control protocol based on LLVM libFuzzer. 4 years ago
  Davin McCall 2ba8beac6e Add initial control protocol test. 4 years ago
  Davin McCall 4ee8c68be4 Add some process-service tests. 5 years ago
  Davin McCall 77ef4236c4 tests: infrastructure for implementing mock headers. 5 years ago
  Davin McCall 0020326d4f Add "tests" generated binary to .gitignore 5 years ago
  Davin McCall 7c4929f5b9 Update gitignore file 6 years ago
  Davin McCall 25998c01b7 Update gitignore 7 years ago
  Davin McCall c253176535 Implement a shutdown commoand which issues a shutdown via Dinit's 7 years ago
  Davin McCall a93e5c483d Commit .gitignore 7 years ago