Commit History

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Davin McCall 3e350b2602 BUILD: more updates for clarity 2 months ago
  Davin McCall 251cbc6c8c Build docs: make clear that installation paths should be adjusted 2 months ago
  Davin McCall 021cdbfe75 Build: simplify specifying link flags via new LDFLAGS_BASE 5 months ago
  Davin McCall b6eb47141c Minor corrections in BUILD 6 months ago
  Mobin a8b3602963 make, meson: Some configurable options in compile time 9 months ago
  Davin McCall b8abd146d0 BUILD: adjust spacing/line widths for consistency 9 months ago
  Daniel Kolesa 63f60db867 run-child-proc: initialize supplementary groups for named run-as 9 months ago
  Davin McCall bb19200b3c Grammar fixes / message improvements in BUILD/configure 1 year ago
  Hojjat 7780b3ab97 Add configure script to generate mconfig 1 year ago
  Davin McCall 4ea7d5ddaa Rename HOSTxxx make variables to xxx_FOR_BUILD 1 year ago
  Davin McCall ecc57206a1 Re-work makefile build 1 year ago
  Davin McCall edf52ee4e5 Minor comment/doc fixes 1 year ago
  Davin McCall a0b3c07130 Rename BUILD.txt to just BUILD (better consistency) 1 year ago
  Davin McCall c22b66103a BUILD: minor update and rename to BUILD.txt. 5 years ago
  Davin McCall a897b3e5fa Build docs: document fuzz testing for control protocol. 5 years ago
  Davin McCall c6e88cd179 Documentation: overcommit must be enabled for address sanitizer (Linux). 5 years ago
  Davin McCall e50a9a7ef2 docs: minor update to build instructions. 5 years ago
  Davin McCall 8980b9be26 Build: rename EXTRA_LIBS to the more conventional LDFLAGS. 6 years ago
  Davin McCall 97a1ba8198 Update BUILD instructions. 6 years ago
  Davin McCall ee198c7d98 Small documentation updates. 7 years ago