Commit History

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Davin McCall d3ac29b71d Fix cycle checking for reloaded services 6 months ago
  Davin McCall 60d9726e59 read_env_file: combine file path in caller instead 6 months ago
  Davin McCall ecc0b6abfc Propagate service description exception through from var substitution 6 months ago
  Davin McCall 76252f0b2a Clean up exception handling/reporting for service load 6 months ago
  Davin McCall ebcb61a37c Move service_dsc_dir to service_record (from base_process_service) 9 months ago
  Davin McCall 0d1059c439 Rename "workding_dir_def" to "service_dsc_dir" to reflect its nature 9 months ago
  q66 b74c5266fd Default to service dir as working directory for services 10 months ago
  q66 7aaa4d02ae Load env-files relatively to current service if not absolute path 10 months ago
  Mobin Aydinfar 277609d1cb dinit: Treat failure in opening env-file as a hard error 10 months ago
  Davin McCall 3e6d1766f5 Fix possible UB due to invalid cast 11 months ago
  Davin McCall 03e960855b Fix check for change in consumed service 11 months ago
  Davin McCall a41e06c357 Implement chaining of service output through another service 11 months ago
  Davin McCall 2660b2e1b9 Some fixes for "before" handling. 1 year ago
  Davin McCall 3770e1ca45 Formatting: tabs to spaces 1 year ago
  Mobin 5490722408 dinit-service: `logfile-permissions`, `logfile-uid`, `logfile-gid` opts 1 year ago
  Davin McCall 5c60634bab Improve service load error messages from system error 1 year ago
  Davin McCall bba3dc1269 load-service: minor refactoring 1 year ago
  Davin McCall b922cd1c65 Create placeholders for "after" services instead of loading them fully 1 year ago
  Davin McCall efe615be59 Reload: transfer "before" dependencies resulting from other services 1 year ago
  Davin McCall c705d09656 load: undo half-added "before" dependents on exception 1 year ago
  Davin McCall 3b1966676f Fix issue causing services to be duplicated 1 year ago
  Davin McCall 11ee697a77 Fix thinko crash when reloading a service with a different type 1 year ago
  Davin McCall 532bed9167 Remove any placeholders created while loading service where load fails 1 year ago
  Davin McCall 47e8a307f5 Refactor and simplify service load/reload 1 year ago
  Davin McCall de77cfd4ef Use a placeholder services for "before" dependencies not yet loaded 1 year ago
  Davin McCall caa84dcca3 Rename DUMMY service type to PLACEHOLDER, add loading flag 1 year ago
  Davin McCall 35275ac52d Fix: cycles involving "before" dependencies not always detected 1 year ago
  Davin McCall dd32cff7c7 Do not allow changing the log-type of a running service 1 year ago
  Daniel Kolesa 7aaa3d3dcf Add support for export-service-name load option 1 year ago
  Daniel Kolesa c7b9e5ed61 Substitute env-file in service files at load 1 year ago