Commit History

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Mobin Aydinfar 544a842ada configure: use "try_optional_cxx_argument()" when flag is not required for less confusion 2 months ago
  dependabot[bot] 21b7f1161c CI: bump actions/upload-artifact from 4.2.0 to 4.3.0 (#280) 2 months ago
  dependabot[bot] 17086100ea CI: bump actions/upload-artifact from 4.1.0 to 4.2.0 (#277) 3 months ago
  dependabot[bot] 74c79ae46f CI: bump actions/upload-artifact from 4.0.0 to 4.1.0 (#276) 3 months ago
  Davin McCall ce956471b4 Version 0.18.0 3 months ago
  Davin McCall 41223411f9 meson: add the two recent integration tests 3 months ago
  Davin McCall d85ac6c308 dinitcheck: report if logfile directory doesn't exist or isn't directory 3 months ago
  Davin McCall 62e7076620 dinitcheck: for consumer-of, check target service is process-based 3 months ago
  Davin McCall 59451566d2 tests: add some additional checks in the cycles igr. test 3 months ago
  Davin McCall f2f43c543f NEWS: update with recent changes 3 months ago
  Davin McCall f0e61caa61 test: cycles: stop dinit daemon at end of test 3 months ago
  Davin McCall 089bc0a9e1 dinitcheck: divide output into primary and secondary checks 3 months ago
  Davin McCall 809e8141b2 dinitcheck: check that consumer-of names a service with correct log-type 3 months ago
  davmac 8dfeb0c6e6 dinitcheck: support "after" links in cycle checking 3 months ago
  Davin McCall 14754158c7 tests: add integration test for cycle checking 3 months ago
  Davin McCall d3ac29b71d Fix cycle checking for reloaded services 3 months ago
  Davin McCall 2b71a804a3 doc: dinit-service manpage: fix formatting error 3 months ago
  Davin McCall c2ae495767 doc: update man page for dinitcheck 3 months ago
  Davin McCall e70bf5409e dinitcheck: read environment file 3 months ago
  Davin McCall b83726547c dinitcheck: possibly incorrect substitution should be a warning only 3 months ago
  Davin McCall e40ccd8b3c dinitcheck: support reading service dirs and env vars from dinit 3 months ago
  Davin McCall 027aaccd75 read_env_file: refactor to allow use by utilities 3 months ago
  Davin McCall 60d9726e59 read_env_file: combine file path in caller instead 3 months ago
  Davin McCall 4d3c434c42 util: refactoring: use string_view in more places instead of string 3 months ago
  Mobin Aydinfar cc42825d97 meson: Avoid unnecessary copy for loadtests 3 months ago
  Mobin Aydinfar 7a900a5d83 meson: Always check there is real utmpx.h or stub header 3 months ago
  Mobin Aydinfar cbd9d8d4a4 meson: General visibility fixes/enhancement 3 months ago
  Mobin Aydinfar a7f6890394 meson: Fix duplicate subdir() when both fuzzer and unit tests are enabled 3 months ago
  Davin McCall 2d0e110d49 Implement retrieval of daemon environment via control protocol 3 months ago
  Davin McCall ad44b441db CI: FreeBSD: only run CI on 14.0 3 months ago