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  1. changequote(`@@@',`$$$')dnl
  2. @@@.TH DINIT\-MONITOR "8" "$$$MONTH YEAR@@@" "Dinit $$$VERSION@@@" "Dinit \- service management system"
  3. .SH NAME
  4. dinit\-monitor \- monitor services supervised by Dinit
  5. .\"
  7. .\"
  8. .PD 0
  9. .nh
  10. .HP
  11. .B dinit-monitor
  12. [\fIoptions\fR] {\fB\-c\fR \fIcommand\fR, \fB\-\-command\fR \fIcommand\fR} \fIservice-name\fR [\fIservice-name\fR...]
  13. .\"
  14. .PD
  15. .hy
  16. .\"
  18. .\"
  19. \fBdinit\-monitor\fR is a utility to monitor the state of one or more services managed by the \fBdinit\fR daemon.
  20. Changes in service state are reported by the execution of the specified command.
  21. .\"
  23. .TP
  24. \fB\-\-help\fR
  25. Display brief help text and then exit.
  26. .TP
  27. \fB\-\-version\fR
  28. Display version and then exit.
  29. .TP
  30. \fB\-s\fR, \fB\-\-system\fR
  31. Control the system init process (this is the default when run as root).
  32. This option determines the default path to the control socket used to communicate with the \fBdinit\fR daemon
  33. process (it does not override the \fB\-p\fR option).
  34. .TP
  35. \fB\-u\fR, \fB\-\-user\fR
  36. Control the user init process (this is the default when not run as root).
  37. This option determines the default path to the control socket used to communicate with the \fBdinit\fR daemon process
  38. (it does not override the \fB\-p\fR option).
  39. .TP
  40. \fB\-\-socket\-path\fR \fIsocket-path\fR, \fB\-p\fR \fIsocket-path\fR
  41. Specify the path to the socket used for communicating with the service manager daemon.
  42. When not specified, the \fIDINIT_SOCKET_PATH\fR environment variable is read, otherwise
  43. Dinit's default values are used.
  44. .\"
  46. .TP
  47. \fB\-\-command\fR \fIcommand\fR, \fB\-c\fR \fIcommand\fR
  48. Execute the specified \fIcommand\fR when the service status changes. In \fIcommand\fR, \fB%n\fR
  49. will be substituted with the service name and \fB%s\fR will be substituted with a textual
  50. description of the new status (\fBstarted\fR, \fBstopped\fR or \fBfailed\fR). A double percent sign
  51. (\fB%%\fR) is substituted with a single percent sign character.
  52. .\"
  54. .\"
  55. The \fBdinit-monitor\fR program will wait until a monitored service changes status, and execute
  56. the notification command. When execution of the notification command completes, dinit-monitor will
  57. resume monitoring of service status.
  58. .LP
  59. The monitoring provided by \fBdinit-monitor\fR is not intended to be used for system-critical
  60. purposes. If system load is particularly high, for example, notifications may be skipped.
  61. .\"
  62. .SH SEE ALSO
  63. \fBdinit\fR(8), \fBdinitctl\fR(8).
  64. .\"
  65. .SH AUTHOR
  66. Dinit, and this manual, were written by Davin McCall.
  67. $$$dnl