Davin McCall bba3dc1269 load-service: minor refactoring 12 hours ago
igr-tests c313f327e8 Add igr test for "before" handling 2 days ago
includes b922cd1c65 Create placeholders for "after" services instead of loading them fully 11 hours ago
tests b9f20c58a2 More formatting fixes (tabs to spaces) 4 days ago
Makefile ecc57206a1 Re-work makefile build 3 months ago
baseproc-service.cc 34736fba7e Clear logfile (name) if log type != file. 1 week ago
control.cc 53a99b5869 Formatting: remove tabs 5 days ago
dinit-env.cc 2051fc4ba0 style: avoid braces init for constructor call where not needed 10 months ago
dinit-log.cc 49bc0db8b2 Change int to unsigned as appropriate in cpbuffer 1 year ago
dinit-main.cc 4b5ed5611e Make capitalisation of error messages more consistent 2 years ago
dinit-monitor.cc 32b2f9833e dinitctl/monitor: catch bad_alloc in initialisation and report error 1 year ago
dinit.cc 19c832af6c Restore behaviour of checking for control socket file and re-creating it 3 months ago
dinitcheck.cc b9c1e3cec6 dinitcheck: find and report cycles due to "before" service links 6 days ago
dinitctl.cc 6b11a6d411 dinitctl: reload: load specified service if not already loaded 2 days ago
load-service.cc bba3dc1269 load-service: minor refactoring 11 hours ago
meson.build 1297fa8fc8 meson: various fixes/improvements to meson build 3 months ago
options-processing.cc 69bb706370 Default to .config for user services directory 1 year ago
proc-service.cc 9365471b94 Continue reading (and discarding) output if log buffer full 3 months ago
run-child-proc.cc b9f20c58a2 More formatting fixes (tabs to spaces) 4 days ago
service.cc 3b1966676f Fix issue causing services to be duplicated 2 days ago
shutdown.cc 713dee22cf Refactoring; add get_passed_cfd() function to dinit-client 5 months ago