Commit History

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  Mike Gilbert 6e2c3f1ce2 Revert "Allow parallel fetch" 1 week ago
  Mike Gilbert 9dfb6339bb Sign new tags 1 week ago
  Mike Gilbert 757d5fd20e Update data 1 week ago
  Mike Gilbert efda4d31b0 Allow parallel fetch 2 months ago
  Mike Gilbert dcae0ca86b Update data 3 months ago
  Mike Gilbert 4c5e84e78f Update 3 months ago
  Mike Gilbert a663b765f1 Update SYSTEMD_SOURCE 3 months ago
  Mike Gilbert 131b00a1bf Update data 6 months ago
  Mike Gilbert e6fc0b59e8 Declare phony targets 6 months ago
  Mike Gilbert a33e2d9382 Mark executable 11 months ago
  Zbigniew Jędrzejewski-Szmek 5602954e8f hwdb: make compatible with pyparsing-2.3.0+ 11 months ago
  Mike Gilbert 2986daf9bf Update data 11 months ago
  Mike Gilbert 1cb8ae9a58 Re-gen hwdb data 1 year ago
  Mike Gilbert 41e194e41b Update data 1 year ago
  Mike Gilbert d3d4bfb59a Update data 1 year ago
  Mike Gilbert 1b798be048 Regen hwdb 1 year ago
  Mike Gilbert 08aaebb17b Fetch data 1 year ago
  Mike Gilbert a845465e0b Remove workaround for bad UTF-8 characters 1 year ago
  Mike Gilbert ead3458137 Update data 2 years ago
  Mike Gilbert 0a6be488b4 Skip udev-hwdb target when building 'all' 2 years ago
  Mike Gilbert da852a4bcb Add the generated hwdb files to git 2 years ago
  Mike Gilbert 0b33022899 Update data 2 years ago
  Mike Gilbert 9195c4e03e Add sed to fix invalid UTF-8 character in usb.ids 2 years ago
  Mike Gilbert bf37375c4a Use new python script for udev database updates 2 years ago
  Mike Gilbert 2580d432ec Update data 2 years ago
  Mike Gilbert ab22c5b128 Add 70-joystick.hwdb 2 years ago
  Mike Gilbert 6a43c39cc4 Update data 2 years ago
  Mike Gilbert 5b030d20fa Add udev/60-sensor.hwdb 2 years ago
  Mike Gilbert ae25707c75 Update data 3 years ago
  Mike Frysinger 8f1a772f40 build: use $(UDEV_FILES) instead of duplicating the list 3 years ago