Commit History

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Jo-Philipp Wich 594cfa8646 main: fix spurious premature parse aborts in array mode 2 months ago
  Sergey Ponomarev 013b75ab05 jsonfilter: drop legacy json-c support 3 years ago
  Jo-Philipp Wich c7e938d658 implement POSIX regexp support 6 years ago
  Jo-Philipp Wich cd6629fc75 lexer: fix encoding 7 bit escape sequences 6 years ago
  Jo-Philipp Wich 8614470400 main: implement array mode 6 years ago
  Felix Fietkau dea067ad67 remove obsolete /opt/local include/lib directories on mac os x 7 years ago
  Felix Fietkau 56dcaf83e2 remove --gc-sections for mac os x builds 7 years ago
  Florian Fainelli 101870cbc2 cmake: Find libubox/list.h header file 7 years ago
  Jo-Philipp Wich 181cf50743 treewide: replace with 7 years ago
  Jo-Philipp Wich 7151885df6 cli: properly format 64bit values 7 years ago
  Jo-Philipp Wich 596f31e7c6 parser: allow root path specifications 8 years ago
  Karl Palsson 479ca5def5 main: Add basic help output 8 years ago
  Jo-Philipp Wich 0c5f596da7 matcher: fix segfault with subscript on non-array element 8 years ago
  Jo-Philipp Wich 691f1065ad contrib: add ParseTrace prototype to parser skeleton 8 years ago
  Jo-Philipp Wich 10324627c7 cli: prevent segfault if input file failed to open 8 years ago
  Jo-Philipp Wich cdc760c580 cli: implement limit flag 9 years ago
  Jo-Philipp Wich 6f49eeec51 matcher.c: properly handle negative array indizes 9 years ago
  Jo-Philipp Wich 96aad161db cli: add a flag to specify arbritary field separators 9 years ago
  Jo-Philipp Wich afa3a10096 Improve error reporting 9 years ago
  Jo-Philipp Wich c0e1d4495a cli: minor whitespace fix 9 years ago
  Jo-Philipp Wich f383013866 Switch to sqlite3's lemon parser generator. 9 years ago
  Jo-Philipp Wich 960dafd0b6 build: use -ffunction-sections and --gc-sections 9 years ago
  Jo-Philipp Wich f1e3aeb252 cli: supress printing "null" in non-export mode, output strings unescaped 10 years ago
  Jo-Philipp Wich 325454c60f Update copyright 10 years ago
  Jo-Philipp Wich 98e332ea67 parser: fix error reporting 10 years ago
  Jo-Philipp Wich c95f8d8ed4 lexer, parser, matcher: extend grammar to allow comma separated keys/indexes as more readable alternative to or expressions 10 years ago
  Jo-Philipp Wich 2163483050 cli: gather all found items through a callback function 10 years ago
  Jo-Philipp Wich 560afcf584 matcher: add user callback and support implicit index/key compares 10 years ago
  Jo-Philipp Wich baeded1308 lexer: accept single quoted string literals 10 years ago
  Jo-Philipp Wich cd5db769d8 parser: fix order of declarations 10 years ago