Commit History

Author SHA1 Message Date
  David Heidelberg 34286d77c7 Allow toggling touchscreen mode at runtime (#14075) 4 months ago
  sfan5 3cac17d23e Lua on each mapgen thread (#13092) 5 months ago
  Gregor Parzefall 83b85ba16a Rewrite the gamebar (#13768) 10 months ago
  Gregor Parzefall a857c46e6e Make the settings GUI more usable on Android (#13543) 1 year ago
  Vincent Robinson 3560691c0a Add `math.round` and fix `vector.round` (#10803) 3 years ago
  DS 454009a7f2 Fix luacheck warnings in builtin/common/tests (#10322) 3 years ago
  rubenwardy 1173ff0c13 Add Lua unit tests to builtin using busted (#9184) 4 years ago
  rubenwardy 8e757859d6 Add luacheck to check builtin (#7895) 5 years ago