Commit History

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Jaidyn Ann 10799db4cf Tweak capitalization in Esperanto translation 5 months ago
  David Leal 222afb0cf0 Allow overriding the loop flag on `player_api.set_animation` (#3097) 4 months ago
  sfan5 472997b4aa Fix detecting mgv6 temples as 'desert' dungeon type 4 months ago
  sfan5 70cf7a26fd Fix some placer nil checks 5 months ago
  Uwuewsky a3b171e317 Update Russian translation (#3058) 5 months ago
  sfan5 e9676fa632 Make cloud parameters deterministic across sessions 5 months ago
  David Leal c0200b0a01 Use a faster and newer LuaCheck (#3081) 5 months ago
  Mantar 43185f19e3 Bed bugfix: Remove "reverse" toggle in favor of swap_node/set_node combo (#2976) 5 months ago
  José Douglas da Silva Souza ff755eed9c Add brazilian portuguese translation for butterflies (#3085) 5 months ago
  rubenwardy b9c089474c Update for 5.8 6 months ago
  Lars Mueller 05367552d1 Mapgen: Don't clear biomes, decorations and ores 2 years ago
  rubenwardy 33d90c2c45 Add min_minetest_version to game.conf 6 months ago
  Yaya - Nurul Azeera Hidayah @ Muhammad Nur Hidayat Yasuyoshi 4bb4a2a818 Update Malay translations 6 months ago
  Muhammad Rifqi Priyo Susanto 829eb92ccf Update Indonesian translations (#3077) 6 months ago
  Andriy bff7596364 Update Ukrainian translation (#3070) 7 months ago
  Niklp 601ec6cd94 Fix not updating vessel shelf infotext 7 months ago
  sfan5 b58991d4f3 Fix typo in German translation 8 months ago
  Lars Müller 34942339c7 Fix bed night skip race condition (#3067) 8 months ago
  Zemtzov7 eba9012d05 Fix coral and kelp duping with mesecons' sticky piston (#3062) 9 months ago
  Lorenzo 59da46c80b Add sapling growth APIs (#3053) 9 months ago
  tenplus1 03177f1584 Stairs: Add helper function for textures and simplify code (#3060) 9 months ago
  David Leal a132872ad8 Update creative Spanish translation 9 months ago
  Lopano bbc70c95ef Replace nonfree water textures 9 months ago
  Wuzzy 9e77e00c65 Update German translation 10 months ago
  Wuzzy b26a787eb3 Update locale template files 10 months ago
  fluxionary 08e057bf1c Don't remove node above door if it's not a doors:hidden node (#3045) 10 months ago
  fluxionary 83c10f59e1 chest_lid_close: don't replace a node if it's not the expected open chest 10 months ago
  Wuzzy 960aff2f63 Improve opaque leaves textures (#3013) 11 months ago
  OgelGames 110c23560e Don't check protection of air when placing bones (#2964) 11 months ago
  imre84 d86435d86c Extend inventory action logging to include bones (#3040) 11 months ago