Commit History

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Paramat 720d4c8e3f Do not apply waving shader to bush leaves (#2753) 2 days ago
  Wuzzy 6605724fe1 Add icons for invisible nodes (#2718) 3 weeks ago
  orbea dd91a1bfe5 Furnace: Start the timer on on_metadata_inventory_take (#2639) 4 weeks ago
  sofar 5348d6e5bc Fix builtin item metatable (#2328) 1 month ago
  Louis Royer 4c145bf9aa Improve inner/outer stairs translation for external mods (#2584) 1 month ago
  Paramat 63cffc4bd1 Improve player model credits, add contributors to license (#2741) 1 month ago
  Paramat 1d3feba732 Update game description to manage expectations (#2740) 1 month ago
  Paramat 8d0fb34fb0 Player_api: Various maintenance (#2737) 1 month ago
  An0n3m0us 268f869e67 beds: Various bug fixes (#2566) 1 month ago
  IFRFSX 25bf3fdc9c Update Chinese translation (#2730) 1 month ago
  An0n3m0us befed5525a Replace some sounds with new sounds (#2605) 1 month ago
  SmallJoker 1da168b3c3 Craftguide: Fix error caused by removing invalid recipes (#2732) 2 months ago
  Paul Ouellette 5d0e4aef45 Add simplified version of 'craftguide' mod, named 'mtg_craftguide' (#2396) 2 months ago
  An0n3m0us 686fdb5c06 Add different woods to mese posts (#2599) 2 months ago
  An0n3m0us 0a96bac46d Add furnace sounds (#2569) 2 months ago
  tuedel 4858c2b3fb sethome: Replace deprecated function calls (#2724) 2 months ago
  An0n3m0us 12f75ab803 Add correct front texture to cart texture (#2720) 3 months ago
  sfan5 e193f9fda3 Add lava environment sound (#2683) 3 months ago
  Muhammad Rifqi Priyo Susanto 8c01a5b288 Add Indonesian translations (#2693) 3 months ago
  tenplus1 7cac67f097 TNT centre node adheres to protection 3 months ago
  Wuzzy 0648252056 Update German translation 3 months ago 8855490b7f Update translation templates 3 months ago
  JDiaz 3257780b32 farming: Update Spanish translation (#2701) 3 months ago
  Paramat b2d0f0ac8d Update nodes papyrus can grow on, include default:dry_dirt (#2705) 4 months ago
  Paramat e8a7e75319 Make dry grass spread on default:dirt again (#2687) 4 months ago
  Hooded Ice d03d7e9bdc Change brake rail to red (#2692) 4 months ago
  sfan5 af045dcd8b sethome: Do not write empty homes file 4 months ago
  sfan5 6d2a897e1b creative: Update for compatibility with minetest.creative_is_enabled (#2691) 4 months ago
  sfan5 b1ab8d5123 Implement searching for translated names in creative inventory (#2675) 4 months ago
  sfan5 6e345cf136 Use node particles for TNT explosions (#2695) 4 months ago