Commit History

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Lorenzo 59da46c80b Add sapling growth APIs (#3053) 9 months ago
  sfan5 fbbc7fc996 player_api: Prevent knockback when player is set as attached 4 years ago
  Zaoqi 1082466796 Rename `core` to `minetest` (#2552) 4 years ago
  Bartosz dd71dcbcf6 boats: Improve physics by implementing drag and friction forces 4 years ago
  sfan5 49cc4c7c63 Add loot to dungeons (#1921) 6 years ago
  Ekdohibs e2b3ab768a Fix .luacheckrc (missing Settings class) 7 years ago
  Auke Kok 0850314d74 luacheck 0.19.0 complains about `unpack()`. 7 years ago
  Diego Martínez 496521f4a1 Fix some warnings. 7 years ago
  paramat 09a229b412 Update 'nodeupdate()' to 'check_for_falling()' API 7 years ago
  tenplus1 6fdfd2554c Tnt: Various optimisations 7 years ago
  Tim b408e9cce6 Let Travis-CI automatically run luacheck on the game 8 years ago