Commit History

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Tony Ambardar 2c5887cb46 kmodloader: fix invalid read outside mapped region 4 weeks ago
  Christian Marangi 6cf7d837ee kmodloader: fix TOCTOU problem with scan_builtin_modules 1 month ago
  Christian Marangi 202d7c0502 kmodloader: fix memory leak in print_modinfo 1 month ago
  Christian Marangi b2f6da671f kmodloader: Fix NULL pointer dereferences error 1 month ago
  Tony Ambardar c006dccecb kmodloader: cleanup duplicated mmap() code 2 months ago
  Tony Ambardar ba39083512 kmodloader: add modinfo support for builtin modules 2 months ago
  Tony Ambardar 4ffc29e404 kmodloader: add basic support for builtin modules 2 months ago
  Tony Ambardar 8c95fc7039 kmodloader: support loadable module parameters in modinfo 2 months ago
  Tony Ambardar 811ca6c223 kmodloader: fix memory leak in scan_loaded_modules() 1 month ago
  Tony Ambardar 11cb29e15d kmodloader: remove unneeded uname() call 2 months ago
  Felix Fietkau c08709cceb logd: add udebug support 2 months ago
  Felix Fietkau cc34fb7b92 logd: add support for subscribing to the log object 1 year ago
  Rosen Penev 4c7b720b9c kmodloader: fix GCC fanalyzer warnings 1 year ago
  Rosen Penev fa6cb9a381 kmodloader: fix bad realloc usage 1 year ago
  Christian Marangi 46a33b8be2 kmodloader: fix compilation warning with not checking return of asprintf 1 year ago
  Felix Fietkau b87a4fdca6 kmodloader: support loading module options and blacklist from /etc/modules.conf 2 years ago
  Giovanni Giacobbi 205defb597 logread: fix erroneous message "Logread connected to" with udp 2 years ago
  Giovanni Giacobbi 1f4f72bde5 logd: fix privilege dropping order 2 years ago
  Petr Štetiar 41664054b8 logd: fix ignored return values in set{gid,uid} 2 years ago
  Daniel Golle 9ef886819d logd: self-degrade to 'logd' user after opening pipes 3 years ago
  Gerard Ryan 0e34af1433 kmodloader: added -a arg to modprobe 4 years ago
  Paul Fertser b30e0df358 kmodloader: print an error when no kernel module dir can be found 4 years ago
  Zefir Kurtisi 17689b61a1 logread: add option to filter for facilities 4 years ago
  Gerard Ryan c9ffeac74a kmodloader: added -v arg to modeprobe 4 years ago
  Hauke Mehrtens 4df34a4d0d kmodloader: Increase path array size to make it always fit 4 years ago
  Pavel Merzlyakov 5130fa4d9c kmodloader: fix and optimize loading of failed modules 5 years ago
  Sergiy Kibrik a782779552 kmodloader: increase module name length 5 years ago
  Stijn Tintel 876c7f5bfb kmodloader: load_modprobe: abort after 2 attempts 5 years ago
  John Crispin 128bc35fa9 logread: fix reconnect logd logic 6 years ago
  John Crispin 66347ec742 logrea: move the code setting up the request blob out of the main loop 6 years ago