Commit History

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Sean Parkinson 3230d27700 Merge pull request #6436 from lealem47/sanitizer 11 hours ago
  Lealem Amedie 32976d379f Fix formatting 14 hours ago
  Sean Parkinson c0e2752000 Merge pull request #6475 from rizlik/fix_dtls_nogroups_nocerts 15 hours ago
  Marco Oliverio e53453a7ed fix: add guards to compile w !HAVE_SUPPORTED_CURVES && NO_CERTS 20 hours ago
  Sean Parkinson ccd404e13d Merge pull request #6470 from douzzer/20230603-unittest-maybe-uninited 1 day ago
  Daniel Pouzzner 6c4cc2a931 tests/api.c: fix a likely-spurious maybe-uninitialized from gcc-11 -m32 (all-sp-m32) in test_wolfSSL_PEM_PrivateKey(). 2 days ago
  JacobBarthelmeh 37aada0313 Merge pull request #6465 from lealem47/zd162152 3 days ago
  JacobBarthelmeh 3ee31dca6b Merge pull request #6464 from douzzer/20230602-analyzer-guided-fixes 3 days ago
  Lealem Amedie eaf27b1945 Read and assign err return val from _sp_mulmod_tmp 3 days ago
  Daniel Pouzzner 291be53524 tests/api.c: fixes for clang-diagnostic-embedded-directive (also warned by gcc), clang-analyzer-core.UndefinedBinaryOperatorResult, and clang-analyzer-deadcode.DeadStores. 3 days ago
  JacobBarthelmeh bb78e1c7d8 Merge pull request #6462 from douzzer/20230601-fix-fips-XASM_LINK 4 days ago
  JacobBarthelmeh 35e59a3569 Merge pull request #6456 from SparkiDev/tests_api_expect_2 4 days ago
  Daniel Pouzzner a435302415 wolfssl/wolfcrypt/types.h: conditionalize XASM_LINK() definition on !FIPS_VERSION_LT(5,3) and !WOLFSSL_NO_ASM. 4 days ago
  Chris Conlon 806c75d28b Merge pull request #6450 from miyazakh/fix_jenkins_android 4 days ago
  Sean Parkinson 7259351a3f Test api.c: change more tests to use Expect instead of Assert 6 days ago
  Sean Parkinson 5ffee2dbe1 Merge pull request #6459 from douzzer/20230531-analyzer-guided-fixes 5 days ago
  Daniel Pouzzner c45efd79af api.c: fix 3 missed EXPECT_RESULT() == WOLFSSL_SUCCESSes to use the succincter EXPECT_SUCCESS(). 5 days ago
  JacobBarthelmeh 42a5d0320b Merge pull request #6445 from jpbland1/dsa_ex 5 days ago
  Daniel Pouzzner 59a7c0d7e4 move definitions of XASM_LINK() from wolfcrypt/src/aes.c, wolfcrypt/src/asm.c, and wolfcrypt/src/cpuid.c, to wolfssl/wolfcrypt/types.h, and use __asm__() instead of asm() if __GNUC__, for compatibility with -std=c99. 5 days ago
  Daniel Pouzzner 64c9026c77 wolfssl/wolfcrypt/types.h: add PRAGMA_DIAG_PUSH, PRAGMA(), and PRAGMA_DIAG_POP(), using the gcc or clang variants as applicable, to facilitate pragmas to be used on both gcc and clang; 5 days ago
  Daniel Pouzzner 109a17f3bd wolfcrypt/src/memory.c: restore required linuxkm #define WOLFSSL_NEED_LINUX_CURRENT 5 days ago
  JacobBarthelmeh 80311975ce Merge pull request #6452 from anhu/no_rsa_sigalgs 5 days ago
  Hideki Miyazaki 554e6472b5 addressed review comments 6 days ago
  JacobBarthelmeh 5604033902 Merge pull request #6453 from kaleb-himes/OE52_OE54_CHECKIN 6 days ago
  JacobBarthelmeh ca2ca4f739 Merge pull request #6454 from philljj/spelling_cleanup 6 days ago
  Chris Conlon 769c488d18 Merge pull request #6444 from night1rider/wolfssl-Onboarding 6 days ago
  jordan 1bdd1cb157 Used codespell and fixed obvious typos in src and wolfssl. 6 days ago
  kaleb-himes f51d4c4c30 Checkin STARCORE project OE52_OE54_ACVP effort 6 days ago
  Anthony Hu ea6155c924 For NO_RSA, don't advertise support for RSA. 6 days ago
  JacobBarthelmeh dbca65f028 Merge pull request #6447 from SparkiDev/tests_api_expect 6 days ago