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  gojimmypi 891b986fd4 Clarify WOLFSSL_ROOT location for ESP8266 make builds 1 month ago
  gojimmypi fe5e5955bd Introduce IDE/PlatformIO 2 months ago
  gojimmypi e40eb3c774 Update Arduino examples; add wolfcrypt breadcrumbs. 4 months ago
  David Garske 6f88ed0901 Merge pull request #7177 from gojimmypi/PR-Arduino-Update 5 months ago
  gojimmypi ee0e25de5f Improved Arduino Support, ESP32, Due; (+ code review x2) 5 months ago
  Lealem Amedie 154841a083 MICROCHIP PIC24 support and example project 5 months ago
  Lealem Amedie 837452b1ca Remove user-crypto functionality and Intel IPP support 6 months ago
  gojimmypi 5b01270205 Update all Expressif examples, ready for PR #6990 8 months ago
  Juliusz Sosinowicz 7baf151c37 CRL verify the entire chain including loaded CA's 9 months ago
  gojimmypi 5830f921fa ARIA cipher cmake (#6600) 10 months ago
  Andras Fekete 57e870e0d4 Add Async examples 10 months ago
  Andras Fekete f9e5e4d08a Clean up the '' script 10 months ago
  Juliusz Sosinowicz 7a12202675 Init deb packaging 11 months ago
  JacobBarthelmeh b7b4be8822 Merge pull request #6610 from bigbrett/apple-universal-lib 1 year ago
  Brett c8209068c2 added apple univeresal binary framework build script and example 1 year ago
  David Garske 8f36f78e6c Merge pull request #6400 from bandi13/ARIA-cipher 1 year ago
  Sean Parkinson 3af87f6f93 Moved CertManager APIs into own file 1 year ago
  Andras Fekete 266307da6c Add in ARIA wrappers 1 year ago
  Sean Parkinson a39a04fc88 PEM example: new example for convert between PEM and DER 1 year ago
  oltolm 90b858492f CMake: improve build scripts (#6331) 1 year ago
  Sean Parkinson 9cdee20a7d ASN.1 print: implementation to parse and print added 1 year ago
  David Garske cefd55eb74 Fix for benchmarking shake with custom block size. Using `./benchmark -shake 1024` caused seg fault. 1 year ago
  gojimmypi ef63a5287a Ignore old cmake, VisualGDB working & Espressif sdkconfig files 1 year ago
  Hayden Roche 3bcd4b45df Generate an assembler-safe user_settings.h in and CMakeLists.txt. 1 year ago
  Steffen Jaeckel 0e57e9858f Integrate Xilinx Versal 2 years ago
  Juliusz Sosinowicz 9eac8bf5a9 Add async and fips test folders to gitignore 1 year ago
  Stefan Eissing 4431438fb2 add QUIC support. 1 year ago
  Daniel Pouzzner ff4c6e5d7b linuxkm: relocate WOLFSSL_LINUXKM code in wolfssl/wolfcrypt/wc_port.h and wolfcrypt/src/memory.c to linuxkm/{linuxkm_wc_port.h,linuxkm_memory.c}, and gate SIMD in IRQ handlers on -DLINUXKM_SIMD_IRQ in prep for Linux 5.16; 2 years ago
  TakayukiMatsuo cd96330f2a Integrate Renesas TSIP specific code into Renesas common logics 2 years ago
  Chris Conlon 84be329ffb remove swig wrapper, now that we have dedicated Java and Python wrappers 2 years ago