Commit History

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  Daniel Pouzzner abfc788389 script cleanup: use #!/bin/bash on all scripts that use "echo -e" (/bin/sh is sometimes a non-Bourne/non-POSIX shell, e.g. dash/ash, with no support for "echo -e"); fix whitespace. 1 year ago
  Hayden Roche cd61fbd0fe Modify to only stash and stash pop if there are modified files not 2 years ago
  Eric Blankenhorn b83804cb9d Correct misspellings and typos from codespell tool 3 years ago
  kaleb-himes 3229a96bb3 pre-commit to use wolfssl/options 8 years ago
  Jacob Barthelmeh e6ebbf4fc2 pre-commit pass and update to name change files 8 years ago
  Jacob Barthelmeh 813ad2e102 name change progress 8 years ago
  toddouska 991a9094e6 trying moving options save earlier, autogen sometimes 10 years ago
  toddouska 3cfb270a4d make sure commit tests don't overwrite options.h 10 years ago
  toddouska aafe14ebc4 add pre-commit hook and tests, put into autogen 11 years ago