Commit History

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Tim Akinbo 06e555be7a added peer in lagos (#87) 2 years ago
  ansuz 20a7ec61e3 reformat texas node 2 years ago
  Aranjedeath a845c7d39e dallas public node (#86) 2 years ago
  Norman Rieß 152e427116 Node Deletion (#85) 2 years ago
  ansuz 2be3155d54 bump version 2 years ago
  ansuz a4b02784ae fix casing issue from merge 2 years ago
  ansuz 9113faa999 expose version 2 years ago
  ansuz 0116acfb60 bump version for new .cymru peer 2 years ago
  ansuz 7c51959ec3 Merge branch 'master' of into cymru 2 years ago
  cwningen c43138add7 Updated peers and GPG key 2 years ago
  Jacob Henner 336b86daff Added peer, renamed other 2 years ago
  ansuz 4069608f44 bump version 2 years ago
  Johannes Löthberg 8ac6247776 Lowercase continents (#83) 2 years ago
  ansuz b60779a1cc nest new jersey node for more information via directory structure (#77) 2 years ago
  ansuz 6909a9d543 bump version for paris peer 2 years ago
  ansuz 2fe8b05db1 reorder json keys to pass tests 2 years ago
  Anne-Gwenn Kettunen 8c8b751e5f it's way too early. 2 years ago
  Anne-Gwenn Kettunen a145b2271a yeah better change this name as well 2 years ago
  Anne-Gwenn Kettunen 7979f9a829 ERR 2 years ago
  Anne-Gwenn Kettunen 42163cceda added Kratom, maintained by Uniaika 2 years ago
  ansuz 03c10de231 bump version after adding igel-massachusetts 2 years ago
  William Fleurant 791c63a210 Adding igel-massachusetts as a public peer (#81) 2 years ago
  ansuz 9ae7edb19d bump version to 1.0.6 3 years ago
  kylerschin 461f44a0df Deleting my peer. :( (#80) 3 years ago
  ansuz f1665e9870 recommend peernames (#78) 3 years ago
  ansuz dbc0d5114b don't try to validate files which don't end in .k (#70) 3 years ago
  ansuz 1908552e45 updated peer list, bumped npm version 3 years ago
  ansuz deaea22c4d more thorough js tests 3 years ago
  Alvar bfc3a41fb8 New peer in EU/de/hesse/ (#72) 3 years ago
  Justus Ranvier 1cbc7790a5 Add Stash Crypto public nodes (#73) 3 years ago