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  ansuz 2be3155d54 bump version 3 years ago
  ansuz 9113faa999 expose version 3 years ago
  ansuz 0116acfb60 bump version for new .cymru peer 3 years ago
  Jacob Henner 336b86daff Added peer, renamed other 3 years ago
  ansuz 4069608f44 bump version 3 years ago
  ansuz 6909a9d543 bump version for paris peer 3 years ago
  ansuz 03c10de231 bump version after adding igel-massachusetts 3 years ago
  ansuz 9ae7edb19d bump version to 1.0.6 3 years ago
  ansuz 1908552e45 updated peer list, bumped npm version 3 years ago
  ansuz 98241cff85 bump semver 4 years ago
  ansuz 431cb90922 one more package.json bump for the readme 4 years ago
  ansuz 22c4152354 bump version for readme once more 4 years ago
  ansuz fd95e35979 bump package.json because of readme 4 years ago
  ansuz f35456b940 publish javascript api as an npm module 4 years ago