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  tangdou1 d5ea353819 Update marked.min.js 1 year ago
  ZeroNet 3552ad2621 Merge pull request #71 from tangdou1/patch-1 1 year ago
  tangdou1 1fa3ac7371 Update zh.json 1 year ago
  shortcutme 86d0cea663 Brighter usernames in dark mode 1 year ago
  shortcutme 6ee61119b5 More clear id for comments header 1 year ago
  shortcutme 6551d6e4bc Dark theme fixes 1 year ago
  tangdou1 01cc934390 Resolve the problem of translation of "Comments" (#69) 1 year ago
  ZeroNet bf83f5f34d Merge pull request #70 from tangdou1/patch-2 1 year ago
  tangdou1 f66d030748 Update zh.json 1 year ago
  ZeroNet ca2141ed1f Merge pull request #67 from mymage/patch-1 1 year ago
  mymage 974e92d4f8 Create it.json 1 year ago
  shortcutme e16d70c2c0 Merge js 1 year ago
  shortcutme c45a90cd24 Dark theme 1 year ago
  shortcutme 9a9361ac5c Lighter usernames for dark theme 1 year ago
  shortcutme da7f8cf45f Remove unused footer 1 year ago
  shortcutme 0da1034004 pl translation 1 year ago
  shortcutme 7c89125558 Fix image adding 1 year ago
  shortcutme 4f77257fbd Update hljs and add dark theme 1 year ago
  shortcutme 3fe49d4092 Support themes 1 year ago
  shortcutme a18a7dbdd8 Remove unused footer 1 year ago
  shortcutme c1fed3b2d3 Fix follow load 1 year ago
  ZeroNet 0766b8ea35 Merge pull request #64 from eduaddad/patch-1 2 years ago
  eduaddad a76221fa35 Create pt-br 2 years ago
  ZeroNet 0558c1817b Merge pull request #63 from heerwinus/patch-1 2 years ago
  heerwinus 28a0b111c3 German Language Support 2 years ago
  tangdou1 10c430540f Fix and Update Chinese translation (#59) 2 years ago
  ZeroNet 5fff3bb077 Merge pull request #45 from Pupiloho/patch-2 3 years ago
  Kûipumu 92931885f1 Fix Spanish Lang 3 years ago
  ZeroNet a9fec60c7b Merge pull request #44 from Pupiloho/patch-1 3 years ago
  Kûipumu 2b2855d6cb Add Spanish Language 3 years ago