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  shortcutme bf771eda5f Restrict setting open_browser values in config file 4 years ago
  shortcutme a9b5561c49 Rev3870 4 years ago
  shortcutme a121c23973 Use re.sub to replace template variables 4 years ago
  shortcutme 27a67d9753 Allow websocket connection originates from earlier accepted hostnames 4 years ago
  shortcutme 67b78ca12d Rev3868, Add origin validation to websocket connections 4 years ago
  ZeroNet 77a5d88ec9 Merge pull request #2082 from kusky33/patch-1 4 years ago
  kusky 861e085597 Update it.json 4 years ago
  ZeroNet 32e9839f23 Merge pull request #2074 from HughIsaacs2/patch-1 4 years ago
  Hugh Isaacs II 028d491294 Update Sidebar.css 4 years ago
  ZeroNet bdca28844c Merge pull request #2031 from filips123/patch-2 4 years ago
  ZeroNet 9e7ae55068 Merge pull request #1453 from anoadragon453/anoa/fix_filepaths 4 years ago
  shortcutme 7418400b52 Rev3866, Fix and test serving files with null bytes 4 years ago
  shortcutme c165d21d95 Rev3865, Fix ZipStream seek support 4 years ago
  Filip Š f08bea7f90 Create FUNDING.yml 4 years ago
  shortcutme 9b274415e0 Rev3864, Fix newsfeed sql query with many parameters 4 years ago
  ZeroNet 8dd3a8495b Merge pull request #1995 from ValdikSS/translation-fix 4 years ago
  ValdikSS fd7f724e2b Always translate html files to avoid compatibility problems with brackets in url 4 years ago
  shortcutme 3366edc244 Rev3863 4 years ago
  shortcutme 129aff2c0c Retry peers only once 4 years ago
  shortcutme 7e78fbc16e Ignore invalid shared filters 4 years ago
  shortcutme 719df4ac88 Rev3862 4 years ago
  shortcutme 7a217a3741 Only display error details in debug mode 4 years ago
  shortcutme 85fd08774f Send noscript header for error message pages 4 years ago
  shortcutme c0d81021df Rev3861, Escape error detail to avoid XSS (reported by krzotr) 4 years ago
  ZeroNet 5d81467083 Merge pull request #1956 from krzotr/master 4 years ago
  shortcutme 7a59a19df1 Fix double --open_browser (by imachug) 4 years ago
  ZeroNet 171b591798 Merge pull request #1957 from krzotr/patch-1 4 years ago
  krzotr 27c47bb3bd Added support for encrypted connections in Dockerfile - added OpenSSL library 4 years ago
  krzotr 80f3f9d511 OptionalFileList - get list of not downloaded files 4 years ago
  ZeroNet ba6a75f8d7 Merge pull request #1939 from tangdou1/patch-3 4 years ago