Commit History

Author SHA1 Message Date
  shortcutme 8f5a1ce1b6 Ignore tor data only 6 years ago
  Richard Yu 4f3282099f Add tray icon again when explorer restarted (#639) 7 years ago
  OliverCole c0b7377076 Add tor and phantomjs dir to .gitignore 8 years ago
  Zeb McCorkle a880e7c797 Ignore all log files, even in folders 8 years ago
  OliverCole d3fb6f515f Add virtualenv dir to gitignore. 8 years ago
  HelloZeroNet c11d4f2632 Rev881, Restrict serverShutdown to admin sites, Avoid redirect cache when clicking trayicon 8 years ago
  HelloZeroNet 687a848292 Version 0.3.6, Rev879, Fix sidebar error on description missing, New trayicon, New favicon, Disable some functions on MultiUser proxies, New homepage, Replace only the last ? in SQL queries, Alwaays grant ADMIN permission to homepage site, Announce before publish if no peers, configSet, serverShutdown, ADMIN WebsocketAPI command, Stop Tor client before updating, Ignore peer ip packing error, Ignore db files from git, Fix safari ajax error when UiPassword enabled 8 years ago
  HelloZeroNet 66ac8760be Add travis ci config 8 years ago
  HelloZeroNet effa267b73 ignore hidden files, ignore data dir, dont close on startup error, create necessary files and dirs on first start, start function to, bad file solved log to info 9 years ago
  HelloZeroNet d28e1cb4a6 First release, remove not used lines from gitignore 9 years ago
  ZeroNet c0bfb3b062 Initial commit 9 years ago