Commit History

Author SHA1 Message Date
  shortcutme 4859ffdf54 We are compatible with every msgpack version again 6 years ago
  shortcutme 4b9455e84d Still not works on latest msgpack 6 years ago
  shortcutme 9305612419 Use renamed msgpack pip package instead msgpack-python 6 years ago
  shortcutme d7ae583473 msgpack bug fixed in 0.5.6 6 years ago
  shortcutme 304d2f0874 Due to a bug it does not works on msgpack 0.5.5 6 years ago
  HelloZeroNet 25752c927c Change required gevent version 8 years ago
  ZeroNet 7eeea84bad Gevent 1.0.2 SSL handshake hangs under pytest 8 years ago
  HelloZeroNet 9d7d4f1552 Rev467, requirements.txt accept newer dependecies, Boost dbschema.json, Move getDirname getFilename to helper, Verify optional files, Includes not allowed in user files, Optional files rules, Peer hashfield functions, Test optional files signing, Test file info, Test verify file, Test helpers 8 years ago
  HelloZeroNet 5f71e79a2b Remove zmq as requirement, Add coverage report 8 years ago
  James Milne 59ceb438c4 Pip Requirements File Added 9 years ago