shortcutme 0beef302c6 Ipv6 compatibility in AnnounceZero plugin 5 years ago
.. 0beef302c6 Ipv6 compatibility in AnnounceZero plugin 5 years ago e9d2cdfd37 Version 0.3.5, Rev830, Full Tor mode support with hidden services, Onion stats in Sidebar, GeoDB download fix using Tor, Gray out disabled sites in Stats page, Tor hidden service status in stat page, Benchmark sha256, Skyts tracker out expodie in, 2 new tracker using ZeroNet protocol, Keep SSL cert option between restarts, SSL Certificate pinning support for connections, Site lock support for connections, Certificate pinned connections using implicit SSL, Flood protection whitelist support, Foreign keys support for DB layer, Not support for SQL query helper, 0 length file get bugfix, Pex onion address support, Faster port testing, Faster uPnP port opening, Need connections more often on owned sites, Delay ZeroHello startup message if port check or Tor manager not ready yet, Use lockfiles to avoid double start, Save original socket on proxy monkey patching to get ability to connect localhost directly, Handle atomic write errors, Broken gevent https workaround helper, Rsa crypt functions, Plugin to Bootstrap using ZeroNet protocol 8 years ago