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CoffeeScript compiler for Windows

A simple command-line utilty for Windows that will compile *.coffee files to JavaScript *.js files using CoffeeScript and the venerable Windows Script Host, ubiquitous on Windows since the 90s.


To use it, invoke coffee.cmd like so:

coffee output.js

If an output is not specified, it is written to stdout. In neither an input or output are specified then data is assumed to be on stdin. For example:

type | coffee > output.js

Errors are written to stderr.

In the test directory there's a version of the standard CoffeeScript tests which can be kicked off using test.cmd. The test just attempts to compile the *.coffee files but doesn't execute them.

To upgrade to the latest CoffeeScript simply replace coffee-script.js from the upstream (the tests will likely need updating as well, if you want to run them).