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-.TH APM 3
-apm \- Advanced Power Management 1.2 BIOS interface
-.B bind -a #P /dev
-.B /dev/apm
-This device presents a low-level interface to
-the APM 1.2 bios calls.
-It is enabled by adding the line
-.RB `` apm0= ''
-.IR plan9.ini .
-(The value after the equals sign is ignored; the presence of
-the line at all enables the driver.)
-It is only available on uniprocessor PCs.
-Writing a 386
-.B Ureg
-structure and then reading it back executes an APM call:
-the written registers are passed to the call,
-and the read registers are those returned by the call.
-.\" .PP
-.\" In addition, the following strings may be
-.\" written to
-.\" .B /dev/apm
-.\" to negotiate with other kernel devices about
-.\" suspension of the system.
-.\" .TP
-.\" .B "vote suspend
-.\" Poll kernel devices for objections to suspending the system.
-.\" The write succeeds only when no device objected.
-.\" .TP
-.\" .B "abort suspend
-.\" Notify kernel devices that the vote failed and the
-.\" suspension will not happen.
-.\" .TP
-.\" .B "commit suspend
-.\" Notify kernel devices that the vote succeeded and
-.\" suspension will happen.  The devices
-.\" may take measures such as disabling PCMCIA cards.
-.\" .TP
-.\" .B "resume suspend
-.\" Notify kernel devices that the system has come back
-.\" after a suspension.
-.\" The devices may take measures such as reenabling PCMCIA cards.
-.\" .PD
-.\" A similar set of messages governs entrance into
-.\" .B standby
-.\" mode.
-This device is intended to enable more user-friendly
-interfaces such as 
-.IR apm (8).
-.B /sys/src/9/pc/apm.c
-.B /sys/src/9/pc/apmjump.s

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-.TH APM 8
-apm \- Advanced Power Management 1.2 BIOS interface
-.I (in plan9.ini)
-.B apm0=
-bind -a '#P' /dev
-.B aux/apm
-.B -d
-.I device
-.B -m
-.I mountpoint
-.B -s
-.I service
-.I Aux/apm
-presents at
-.I mountpoint
-.BR /mnt/apm )
-an interface to the APM 1.2 BIOS 
-.IR apm (3))
-.I device
-(the default is to try
-.BR /dev/apm ,
-followed by
-.BR #P/apm ).
-If a
-.I service
-is specified, the interface will be
-posted at
-.BI /srv/ service 
-as well.
-The directory contains the following files.
-.B battery
-Contains one line for each battery in the system.
-Each line lists three fields: the status (a string, one of
-.BR unknown ,
-.BR high ,
-.BR low ,
-.BR critical ,
-.BR charging ),
-the percent charge remaining, and
-an estimate of the amount of time left in seconds.
-If either or both of the last two are unknown,
-the corresponding field will be zero.
-.B ctl
-.B ctl
-file is used to set power management modes for
-various parts of the system.
-Control messages are of the form
-.RI `` device " " verb ,''
-.I device
-is one of
-.BR system ,
-.BR display ,
-.BR storage ,
-.BR lpt ,
-.BR eia ,
-.BR network ,
-.BR pcmcia ,
-.I verb is one of
-.BR enable ,
-.BR disable ,
-.BR standby ,
-.BR on .
-.B Enable
-.B disable
-control whether power management is active
-for the device, while
-.B standby
-puts the device into standby mode
-.B on
-brings it back to full power.
-.B event
-Reads from this file will block until an APM event
-has occurred.
-A large enough read is guaranteed to return
-an integral number of textual event descriptions, one per line.
-.B /sys/src/cmd/aux/apm.c
-.B /acme/bin/Battery
-The verbs
-.B suspend
-.B off
-should be supported but doing so requires
-nontrivial help from the kernel.

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