Commit History

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Rafa 550a8c8fee Check if the img file exists and what type of disk it is (#836) 1 year ago
  Graham MacDonald 0b125fb3a8 syslinux.go can create raw or qcow2 images 1 year ago
  Álvaro Jurado 0fa59a9500 Adding GCC 8 1 year ago
  Ronald G. Minnich e3c6e76082 fix mistaken compare 1 year ago
  Ronald G. Minnich 3d69f93ce6 syslinux: add util/syslinux.go script. 1 year ago
  Álvaro Jurado 4c0b9c81d6 Adding headers to elf64.c 1 year ago
  Graham MacDonald db7f6855d8 Avoid unnecessary retries in sdiahci 1 year ago
  Graham MacDonald bbe0642eb6 Remove ufs from build for now 1 year ago
  Ronald G. Minnich f49ad01e28 Example use of atomic_set and atomic_read 1 year ago
  Ronald G. Minnich c3c41f7270 Add atomic store and load. Seems we need it 1 year ago
  Graham MacDonald dcf619f368 Yet another GO9P* script - GO9PIMG runs from a qcow2 img 1 year ago
  Graham MacDonald f66d928419 Don't remove 'rm /env/disk' just yet 1 year ago
  Graham MacDonald 083fe6ddb5 Don't set up local swap 1 year ago
  Graham MacDonald 030140eb2a Add fossil and venti config files to image source folder 1 year ago
  Graham MacDonald 004588a5f6 Call diskparts to discover partitions on startup (terminal and CPU) 1 year ago
  Ronald G. Minnich 907e44f2e3 straw man new protocol 1 year ago
  Graham MacDonald f6f48c18b3 Set plan 9 partition type 1 year ago
  Graham MacDonald 89d95f1a28 Create 2 paritions, one for kernel, rest for fossil (though not set) 1 year ago
  Graham MacDonald a279c598b3 Script to build qemu qcow2 image from scratch 1 year ago
  Graham MacDonald 422ab7af3e Basic file list for creating a bios-based Harvey USB 1 year ago
  Álvaro Jurado 0bda9bd3bb Fixing util/SYSLINUX howto 1 year ago
  Rafa 912cb238f6 Fixed problem when an ext2 partition is mounted (#817) 1 year ago
  Rafa 54515c75d0 Fixing USB keyboard problem in #452 (#816) 1 year ago
  Rafa d01cdae000 Solved issue "weird indentation behavior with acme" #518 (#815) 1 year ago
  Rafa e0947d8b74 Solved TOS addressing problem. This solves #615 issue (#812) 1 year ago
  Rafa a98b82b6de Fixed bug while loading background images in jay (#811) 1 year ago
  Rafa 99d7a2b84a This patch should mitigate the bug 615 for Acme, but the error is still present in Harvey, this is only a way to recover the shell after exit from Acme (#810) 1 year ago
  Graham MacDonald 2c07ec4e8b First pass at eager FPU state saving 1 year ago
  Graham MacDonald 950637c23d regress/fpustate - ensure child process always killed 1 year ago
  Graham MacDonald ff502dc6fe Improve tests FPU tests 1 year ago