Commit History

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Graham MacDonald 7b159a3d9e Transform (hopefully) all .json files to be arrays rather than objects 1 year ago
  Graham MacDonald f4ca11fedd Remove timestamp from build output (aids diffing) 1 year ago
  Graham MacDonald d5bf854465 Error if > 1 entry in build file 1 year ago
  Graham MacDonald 2417314bf9 Simplify build.go:globby 1 year ago
  Graham MacDonald 636ebd8edb Revert previous change to build.go for now - should fix build 1 year ago
  Graham MacDonald d30baf4148 Iterating over go maps don't guarantee order, so sort before iterating 1 year ago
  Graham MacDonald 660ab4f295 Ensure init.h regenerated every time 1 year ago
  Graham MacDonald 37d3904311 Remove regress/fs from root build.json 1 year ago
  Graham MacDonald 08d482d72f Move around regress tests so only tests that have been tested are run 1 year ago
  Graham MacDonald 7cf336736e run tests script now filters, also shuts down 1 year ago
  Graham MacDonald f43ca5c791 Simple acpi shutdown 1 year ago
  Graham MacDonald 919fc68d9f Re-enable acpi by default 1 year ago
  Dan Cross c0ee2c523f Minor cleanups. 1 year ago
  Dan Cross 7b96bc46ac TSS: set IO map base address correctly. (#861) 1 year ago
  Álvaro Jurado ab92d25392 Some updates to the Readme file 1 year ago
  Graham MacDonald 5eff89662d Wrapper script to run all tests from qemu 1 year ago
  Graham MacDonald 5280ac1e62 Run all (some) regression tests first pass 1 year ago
  Graham MacDonald 8806ed1122 Move $ARCH/include/*.json -> $ARCH/ 1 year ago
  Graham MacDonald 2d9a964513 GNU ld linker args to fix alignment issues with ld 2.31 1 year ago
  Graham MacDonald db5c9db7c0 Fix clang 7 build of usb audio 1 year ago
  Rafa bf86f98ea0 Changed the alpine version to fix #853 issue (#854) 1 year ago
  Álvaro Jurado e0bf3fae26 Adding init.h, which uses its own flags too 1 year ago
  Álvaro Jurado 9c913c7496 Adding ACPI which uses its own flags 1 year ago
  Álvaro Jurado 74d2a1a1eb Erasing some useless tests polluting the PR 1 year ago
  Álvaro Jurado de343e15da Disabling stack protector 1 year ago
  Álvaro Jurado 30f22a150e Aesthetic issue about rm 1 year ago
  Álvaro Jurado 5c2b7d8b3e missing json for clang 6 in travis.yml 1 year ago
  Álvaro Jurado be269a760a tunning travis 1 year ago
  Álvaro Jurado 6f10011aae Restoring boot in ramfs 1 year ago
  Álvaro Jurado 43f5cb244a Removing useless internal from ramfs 1 year ago