Commit History

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Sevki fae63f654c blaze: in is a keyword and can't be used 3 years ago
  Sevki Hasirci 0e777177c2 rest of the build files 4 years ago
  ron minnich 8297795876 Revert "build: added new build files" 4 years ago
  Sevki 69caa7df32 build: added new build files 4 years ago
  Hank Donnay d5bcd96a3b bootstrap: make a new bootstrap script 4 years ago
  John Floren e4c651fb2b Add auth bits 4 years ago
  Hank Donnay d68d4e8697 Make BUILD fail when compilation fails. 4 years ago
  Hank Donnay 3d332d9b34 BUILD: uniform style, change go build step 4 years ago
  Aki Nyrhinen caac283795 build.go: chdir to json dir, BUILD utils: go get util deps under third_party, .gitignore: ignore third_party stuff 4 years ago
  Aki Nyrhinen 0aa014b383 regression testing: add to BUILD all, also util/REGRESS to run regression tests with qemu 4 years ago
  John Floren 89d8ed3794 added rm commands to BUILD per Ron request 4 years ago
  John Floren 9e200c958d BUILD script: fix bug with BUILD utils 4 years ago
  John Floren 049de84c76 Add Ron's go9p and ufs as a submodule 4 years ago
  Aki Nyrhinen c0172889a6 Revert "create bin/ subdirectories in BUILD, add BUILD qrun command to boot current kernel with utils/QRUN" 4 years ago
  Aki Nyrhinen 1b132b569e create bin/ subdirectories in BUILD, add BUILD qrun command to boot current kernel with utils/QRUN 4 years ago
  John Floren 5d7e766691 Build script changes 4 years ago
  Elbing ffdcbb8ade Fix Intel cpus detection. Fix BUILD for new cloned repos. Changed ndnr() position for schedinit after test in real hw. 4 years ago
  Elbing Miss e31e0111f1 TCP bug. 4 years ago
  Elbing 8838fdda35 Auto-detect if amd64/bin exists via JSON 4 years ago
  rafael 0977104bdf check if amd64/bin exists 4 years ago
  Elbing Miss 94c7532fd9 BUILD cmd through build.go. now: let's go port remaining programs :-) 4 years ago
  Elbing 302146845a First iteration to make cmd programs through build.go: BROKEN./BUILD cmd do not use./BUILD cmd 4 years ago
  Elbing 80d29f0817 Libs migrated to build.go 4 years ago
  Elbing Miss 5272c5de86 Fixing broken things, now it's ok. 4 years ago
  Elbing Miss 69e6b42dcb Arghf, stupid Sublime... 4 years ago
  Elbing Miss 5e42743cbf Klibs are now built with build.go. Just ./BUILD klibs as usual, no need to clean before. Begin migrating libs, for now libc/libip/libdraw 4 years ago
  Elbing bfb730efa9 Disabled build_cmd from BUILD bash script. Now essentials are built with kernel build process. 4 years ago
  Elbing Miss a916402700 BUILD kernel now it's the Go-json build process 4 years ago
  Ronald G. Minnich 57cf34c409 Add test alarm program that fails 4 years ago
  rafael 31c0f254f6 added klibdraw 4 years ago