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  Sevki Hasirci b0774b882e add hombrew gcc as a alternative to macports 5 years ago
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  Aki Nyrhinen 52cc3641be Merge "add dhcp server and tftp server configs for harvey minicluster. see util/ for how to run it, the script itself should not be osx-only..." 5 years ago
  Aki Nyrhinen a5cd8682c5 add dhcp server and tftp server configs for harvey minicluster. 5 years ago
  John Floren 9e200c958d BUILD script: fix bug with BUILD utils 5 years ago
  John Floren 049de84c76 Add Ron's go9p and ufs as a submodule 5 years ago
  Aki Nyrhinen 860644a17a add go9p/ufs instructions to readme 5 years ago
  Aki Nyrhinen 93f39cfd05 get rid of the directory creation note, add simple comment about how to use the build tool 5 years ago
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