Commit History

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Graham MacDonald 892a1eb241 Fix silly mistake in gdbserver 4 days ago
  Graham MacDonald 7042eb5726 gdbserver wait for launched program to stop before attaching 4 days ago
  Graham MacDonald 339d7fe9de tidy gdbserver if's 1 week ago
  Graham MacDonald a29a5fbe4f Comment out unused var to make gcc happy 1 week ago
  Graham MacDonald 7304b3b94f Enable gdbserver to launch program on startup attach and stop immediately 1 week ago
  Graham MacDonald 5804042c19 load section hdr strtab, find debug_line section 1 week ago
  Graham MacDonald 21b85d18f9 Modify acid+libmach to read elf symbols (no lines) 1 week ago
  Graham MacDonald 8064173183 Refer to elf.h instead of a.out.h 2 weeks ago
  Graham MacDonald eb71482345 Remove _magic from mach 2 weeks ago
  Graham MacDonald 06edad0f1c acid elf wip 2 weeks ago
  Graham MacDonald 4209b52254 formatting 3 weeks ago
  Graham MacDonald 85305c12ec fix executable.c 3 weeks ago
  Graham MacDonald 0d6b83cff2 format and remove dead code 3 weeks ago
  Graham MacDonald 939de0dffb formatting 3 weeks ago
  Graham MacDonald c9878a3adf formatting 3 weeks ago
  Graham MacDonald 7e8b0221d7 only amd64 for now 3 weeks ago
  Graham MacDonald aa9ad7bdcf acid - rename aout to exe since we only support elf64 now 3 weeks ago
  Graham MacDonald 943317d99e Tidy acid build file 4 months ago
  Graham MacDonald 5a88e0c116 Fix remaining acid build errors and build by default 4 months ago
  Graham MacDonald caa090f948 Fix easier acid compile errors 4 months ago
  Graham MacDonald 69ee702c18 Don't try to support NV50 cards - apparently very different 4 months ago
  Graham MacDonald 8143d04a37 Ensure vga physical segments are attached with default page size 4 months ago
  Graham MacDonald 1cf2a4d7ff telnet* - don't specify shared segment location in segattach 4 months ago
  Graham MacDonald 971b2c003e Fix unrecognised nvidia card output 4 months ago
  Graham MacDonald 59424022c7 add missing nvidia vga file 4 months ago
  Graham MacDonald 8f47ad1d94 vganvidia builds 4 months ago
  Graham MacDonald 64470db94c initial vganvidia.c import from 4 months ago
  Graham MacDonald 00b171ead1 Set read/write segment flags for bss and shared segments 4 months ago
  Graham MacDonald 61aa17b816 Re-add telnet and rlogin 4 months ago
  Graham MacDonald b645f3c933 Very basic test for attaching and detaching segment 4 months ago