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  1. To compile and use it you have to do the binds shown in ./nix
  2. This is the main nix source tree.
  3. It's using 2M pages, and supports 1G pages.
  4. In there, there are experimental frameworks for zero-copy, tubes, what else?
  5. The main author was initially jmk and perhaps others from bell labs, when it was 9k.
  6. Today it has been changed by many others including (|sort order):
  7. esoriano
  8. forsyth
  9. jmk
  10. nemo
  11. npe
  12. paurea
  13. rminnich
  14. You can reach as at nix A_T lsub.org
  15. But don't write A_T like that.
  16. Fri Sep 2 22:03:15 CET 2011