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Harvey: A distributed operating system

Welcome to Harvey, we are delighted that you are interested in the project.

What is harvey?

Harvey is a distributed operating system. It’s most directly descended from Plan 9 from Bell Labs. This heritage spans from its distributed application architecture all the way down to much of its code. However, Harvey aims to be a more practical, general-purpose operating system, so it also uses ideas and code from other systems.

Getting started

Start by reading the Wiki. There's a Getting Started guide there to learn how to get Harvey up and running and many other things.


You enjoyed playing with Harvey and you want to help out? Great!

Take a look at our Contribution Guide it covers a wide variety of topics including the Harvey coding style, Code of Conduct, where to get help and so on.



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Donate to Harvey!

Harvey is a proud member of SFC and gladly accepts donations.



  • License GPL