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  1. 'emelie' is for any PC with supported hardware excluding the SONY
  2. jukebox, and will make an object '9emeliefs' and use a 16KB block
  3. size. It's set up for the US Eastern time zone. choline is similar,
  4. but with conf.nfile cranked up.
  5. fs uses a 4KB block size, rereads all blocks written to the WORM, and
  6. is configured for the US Pacific time zone and with more `large
  7. message' buffers than is usual (for gigabit Ethernet). fs64 is
  8. similar but uses an 8KB block size and 64-bit (rather than 32-bit)
  9. file sizes, offsets and block numbers, and consequently can only serve
  10. 9P2000, not 9P1.
  11. 9netics32.16k is like fs, but uses a 16KB block size and does not
  12. reread blocks written to the WORM. 9netics64.8k is like fs64, but
  13. uses an 8KB block size and does not reread blocks written to the WORM.
  14. To spin-off a new version to play with, say 'test':
  15. cd /sys/src/fs
  16. mkdir test
  17. cp emelie/9emeliefs.c test/9testfs.c
  18. cp emelie/dat.h emelie/fns.h emelie/io.h emelie/mem.h test
  19. sed '1s/emelie/test/' <emelie/mkfile >test/mkfile
  20. and hack as appropriate.
  21. The mkfiles aren't quite right yet to make this as automatic as it
  22. should be. There are a lot of rough edges.