1. ![Harvey](
  2. Harvey: A distributed operating system
  3. [![License](](
  4. Welcome to Harvey, we are delighted that you are interested in the
  5. project.
  6. ## What is harvey?
  7. Harvey is a distributed operating system. It is direct descendant
  8. of [Plan 9 from Bell Labs]( which was originally
  9. developed by the same group at Bell Labs that invented Unix and C.
  10. - Take a look at the
  11. [Getting Started](
  12. guide to learn how to get Harvey and how to play with it.
  13. - You enjoyed playing with Harvey and you want to help out? Great!
  14. Take a look at our
  15. [Contribution Guide](
  16. The contribution guide covers a wide variety of topics including the
  17. Harvey coding style,
  18. [Code of Conduct](,
  19. where to get help and so on.
  20. - We also cover a wide variety of topics on our
  21. [wiki]( and
  22. [apex's wiki](
  23. - If the information you are looking for is not on the wiki, ask the
  24. [Mailing list](!forum/harvey) or
  25. [Slack]( for
  26. help. It is where most of the development conversation happens.
  27. - [Man Pages]( are where you
  28. can read man pages from the head of the repository.
  29. - Harvey also has a [blog]( and a
  30. [twitter account]( where we share news
  31. and things we are excited about.
  32. [License](