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libre Concurrent Machine Cluster : The libre embedded GNU/Linux distro

libreCMC is an embedded GNU/Linux distro with the focus of providing a platform that is 100% free software and that does not contain non-free blobs. While libreCMC is currently a hard fork of the popular OpenWRT project, it uses a linux-libre kenrel and does not contain non-free parts.

Why would I want to use libreCMC?

Well, many in the Free Software community feel that it is important to have control over the software that runs on their devices. In the embedded world, it is quite rare to find a device that does not require the use of a non-free part where code can't be obtained or where the user is not allowed to change the software. Having the freedom to change ALL of the software on a device is essential to ensuring that the software is doing what the user wants and not bending to the will of a third party. These freedoms should also include :

  1. The freedom to run the software as the user sees fit.

  2. The freedom to study how the program works.

  3. The freedom to copy the software.

  4. The freedom to share changes to the software.

Why is libreCMC a HARD fork of OpenWRT?

Well, to bootstrap the project in a timely fashion, we needed a build system that we could use. libreCMC is a hard fork of OpenWRT because the changes that we make won't be pushed upstream (we've tried) and because work is currently being done to fully replace the build system. Another reason for creating this fork is because the goals and views of the libreCMC project conflict with those of the non-free OpenWRT.

Useful Things

BUILD-HOWTO : Basic instructions for building libreCMC.

More work being done ;)