Commit History

Author SHA1 Message Date
  coderain cf0e7bf409 Create the bin directories during the build process 3 months ago
  coderain f873ac437d [sdk] Implement mini lists, which are singly-linked 3 months ago
  coderain dcef4bcee0 [sdk] Fix incorrect assumptions in the AVL binary search routines 3 months ago
  coderain a16949de96 Rewrite the system clock to use timestamps instead of calendar time 4 months ago
  coderain 738cdf14f4 Change the timer syscalls so that sysret_t can be 32-bit 4 months ago
  coderain 1d2617f421 Reorganize the files. 5 months ago
  coderain 126dd9162c Implement vectored I/O. 5 months ago
  coderain fa23adff9e Implement events using semaphores. 5 months ago
  coderain 93a356d7da Fix pin_memory. 5 months ago
  coderain 260aea5e3f Fix a stack leak. Prevent the kernel stack from overflowing. 5 months ago
  coderain c25156ad46 Make sizeof(long) the default heap alignment. 5 months ago
  coderain fce977c0d1 Get rid of exception_return 5 months ago
  coderain ae4db17b61 Fix a bug in 6 months ago
  coderain 46c61c61ea Fix a bug in free_page. 6 months ago
  coderain 95d13d26be Make sure the IOCTL buffers are optional. 6 months ago
  coderain 82ffccf3e4 Switch to the context of the kernel process in vm86_interrupt. 6 months ago
  coderain 59661c59c7 Fix a bug in wait_for_objects. 6 months ago
  coderain 52c5ee0487 Improve process/thread termination. 6 months ago
  coderain af25f21d70 Fix the security check for framebuffer mapping. 6 months ago
  coderain 568844d350 Fix bugs in the VESA driver. 6 months ago
  coderain 77d448de17 Improve logging. 6 months ago
  coderain 4309b04a86 Fix printf bugs. 6 months ago
  coderain 49d75449f0 Pass the machine state from the interrupt for kernel crashes. 6 months ago
  coderain c22193bc7c Fix a minor bug in __crt_vstrprintf. 6 months ago
  coderain c7aa8cb1d6 The assembler needs to know the instruction size. 6 months ago
  coderain bb838ae01d Merge branch 'unit_tests' 8 months ago
  coderain ab00d5b6f4 Update the node balance when deleting a duplicate in the AVL tree. 8 months ago
  coderain fad7052d1e Move some of the architecture-specific code into a separate unit. 8 months ago
  coderain 045be778f3 Begin implementing unit tests. 9 months ago
  coderain c9cce3d583 Switch to the new locking API. 9 months ago