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  Nextcloud bot a5232d9805 [tx-robot] updated from transifex 7 hours ago
  Roeland Jago Douma 72a8e15d3a Merge pull request #20914 from nextcloud/enh/deprecated_event_log_usage 16 hours ago
  Roeland Jago Douma 29a096928a Merge pull request #21232 from nextcloud/bug/20427/use-OC-CLI-instead-of-PHP-SAPI 17 hours ago
  Roeland Jago Douma 6a77a34276 Merge pull request #21165 from nextcloud/dependabot/npm_and_yarn/babel/plugin-proposal-class-properties-7.10.1 17 hours ago
  Roeland Jago Douma 3574551862 Merge pull request #21191 from nextcloud/td/js/use_router 17 hours ago
  Thomas Citharel d1b43d4fc2 Use \OC::$CLI instead of PHP_SAPI 1 day ago
  Roeland Jago Douma 94ae04d303 OC.routing is just a @nextcloud/routing proxy 2 days ago
  Joas Schilling 59c1ff690a Merge pull request #21199 from nextcloud/bugfix/noid/prevent-harder-sharing-your-root 1 day ago
  Nextcloud bot 7ef10b2f48 [tx-robot] updated from transifex 1 day ago
  Christoph Wurst 497350a7d3 Merge pull request #20938 from nextcloud/fix/share-talk-verification 1 day ago
  dependabot-preview[bot] e32b219ce2 Bump @babel/plugin-proposal-class-properties from 7.8.3 to 7.10.1 1 day ago
  Roeland Jago Douma 77cbd2702c Merge pull request #21168 from nextcloud/dependabot/npm_and_yarn/babel/preset-env-7.10.2 1 day ago
  Joas Schilling 69eda9c0f6 Prevent harder to share your root 2 days ago
  dependabot-preview[bot] a6f8c77dd0 Bump @babel/preset-env from 7.9.6 to 7.10.2 1 day ago
  Roeland Jago Douma d04aec71f0 Merge pull request #21166 from nextcloud/dependabot/npm_and_yarn/babel/core-7.10.2 1 day ago
  Roeland Jago Douma d7b6702ac5 Merge pull request #21167 from nextcloud/dependabot/npm_and_yarn/vue-router-3.3.2 1 day ago
  Joas Schilling 33f6a26a7d Merge pull request #21091 from nextcloud/sftp-normalize-path 1 day ago
  Christoph Wurst 111c8c9e0e Merge pull request #21181 from nextcloud/fix/remote-share-remove-error-handling 2 days ago
  Nextcloud bot f62f23ed1d [tx-robot] updated from transifex 2 days ago
  Roeland Jago Douma 7d33de5599 Merge pull request #21190 from nextcloud/td/js/linter 2 days ago
  Roeland Jago Douma 3bca70999a Fix some linter warning 2 days ago
  dependabot-preview[bot] e0a47ac6fe Bump vue-router from 3.2.0 to 3.3.2 2 days ago
  Roeland Jago Douma 1c7d089434 Merge pull request #21164 from nextcloud/dependabot/npm_and_yarn/nextcloud/dialogs-1.3.1 2 days ago
  Christoph Wurst 09a632242d Do not only catch Exceptions but any Throwable during rmt share delete 3 days ago
  Nextcloud bot 796b454021 [tx-robot] updated from transifex 3 days ago
  Daniel Calviño Sánchez fdac2ffe24 Restore previous state when failing to change video verification state 3 days ago
  Christoph Wurst 5d92a6a7c9 Fix the Talk verification 3 weeks ago
  Nextcloud bot 0f4de3d353 [tx-robot] updated from transifex 4 days ago
  dependabot-preview[bot] c4a7d45b70 Bump @nextcloud/dialogs from 1.3.0 to 1.3.1 5 days ago
  Nextcloud bot a1bb18a837 [tx-robot] updated from transifex 5 days ago