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  John Molakvoæ 22b031e78e Merge all babelrc into one file (#17570) 7 hours ago
  Roeland Jago Douma a122fe6c86 Merge pull request #17548 from nextcloud/fix/saml/pass_on_direct 8 hours ago
  John Molakvoæ (skjnldsv) a1480c95eb Merge all babelrc into one file 9 hours ago
  Roeland Jago Douma 38730b454f Pass on direct query parameter during login 1 day ago
  Roeland Jago Douma f7319e139d Merge pull request #17559 from nextcloud/deprecate/template-manager 20 hours ago
  Julius Härtl a9c089064b Deprecate TemplateManager 22 hours ago
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  Roeland Jago Douma 7536caaff8 Merge pull request #17501 from nextcloud/bugfix/fad-48/list-share-downloads-under-sharing 2 days ago
  Roeland Jago Douma 40eb9fae74 Merge pull request #17503 from nextcloud/fix/versions/download_filename 2 days ago
  Roeland Jago Douma 1bc100a3d4 Merge pull request #17332 from nextcloud/bugfix/noid/mimetype-changes-on-renaming-a-folder 2 days ago
  Roeland Jago Douma d23e96b8da Merge pull request #17433 from nextcloud/bugfix/uncaught-promise-navigationduplicated 2 days ago
  Roeland Jago Douma aafc4a346f Merge pull request #17535 from nextcloud/enh/noid/fileactions-cleanup 2 days ago
  Julius Härtl 5e4eda1ae0 Remove deprecated legacy file actions 2 days ago
  Daniel Kesselberg ce454e096b Catch uncaught (in promise) 1 week ago
  Roeland Jago Douma b076e3a17d Merge pull request #17402 from nextcloud/td/js_deprecate/jstimezonedetect 2 days ago
  Roeland Jago Douma c9d0bfbd30 Merge pull request #17382 from nextcloud/refactor/accessibility/initialstate 2 days ago
  Roeland Jago Douma c1b8cb2e21 Set the proper filename for version downloads 6 days ago
  Roeland Jago Douma 61661036fc Merge pull request #17522 from nextcloud/fix/noid/reflection-toString-deprecated 2 days ago
  John Molakvoæ (skjnldsv) ffef4bd627 Move to generateOcsUrl 4 days ago
  John Molakvoæ (skjnldsv) 0df5e0b0db Initial state for accessibility 1 week ago
  Joas Schilling d4d3725bfe Only cache the mimetype if the file exists 2 weeks ago
  Roeland Jago Douma af995b8ab9 Deprecate js globals 1 week ago
  Daniel Kesselberg 0ecc70c497 Assume that getType is available 4 days ago
  Daniel Kesselberg ace74ef866 Fix ReflectionType::__toString() is deprecated 4 days ago
  Roeland Jago Douma 9d6a58e6ae Merge pull request #17530 from nextcloud/dependabot/npm_and_yarn/babel/preset-env-7.6.3 2 days ago
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  dependabot-preview[bot] d08ce27541 Bump @babel/preset-env from 7.6.2 to 7.6.3 3 days ago
  Roeland Jago Douma caf172a575 Merge pull request #17527 from nextcloud/dependabot/npm_and_yarn/babel/core-7.6.4 3 days ago