Commit History

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Andy Scherzinger 5c49a54801 chore: Add SPDX header 1 month ago
  Ferdinand Thiessen f546a2fe14 fix(ci): Disable coverage on pull requests 5 months ago
  Ferdinand Thiessen 4b6bd8b0c5 fix(tests): Adjust `files_external` tests to also work locally with WebDAV 5 months ago
  Joas Schilling 3294bbe3bb fix(autotest): Fix PHPUNIT version check in autotest files 1 year ago
  Joas Schilling 027808c019 Remove the prefix setting attempt from our CI 4 years ago
  Robin Appelman d96bba2830 allow local remote access in external storage ci 4 years ago
  Lukas Reschke 7efc6b2614 Set exit code to 1 if integration test is failing 7 years ago
  Lukas Reschke 1c80307537 Add SMB tests and execute files_external tests 7 years ago
  Joas Schilling db710e0b03 Make tests work with 4.8 at least 7 years ago
  Vincent Petry 3b7ba552ae Fix ext storage test class name in test script 8 years ago
  Robin McCorkell 4717605d22 Fix storage backend class namespaces and move to subdir 8 years ago
  Stefan Weil ee5f5eebe5 misc: Fix some typos 8 years ago
  Joas Schilling 5d1cabe0f6 Add verbose flag to occ commands of autotest* 8 years ago
  Thomas Müller 3c65b898b2 We require minimum PHPUnit 4.4 8 years ago
  Thomas Müller e3b47e80f7 script shall exit with error in case the start file has issues - fixes #20798 8 years ago
  Robin McCorkell ad028c555d Don't attempt to run tests unless start file is successful 8 years ago
  Olivier Paroz ff4227bbfc Use a universal shebang 8 years ago
  Robin McCorkell f6b1d3506f Allow easy XDEBUG debugging with autotest 9 years ago
  Morris Jobke 0ab16cb823 Replace `replace` with `sed` statement 9 years ago
  Vincent Petry 6d8884e8a1 Add check for "replace" command 9 years ago
  Thomas Müller 7181840665 Use occ to install ownCloud in 9 years ago
  Morris Jobke 62d54e4c2a fix files external test run and add common-tests option 9 years ago
  Robin McCorkell 5acbeb9666 Better cleanup in 9 years ago
  Morris Jobke 7c1b9aedd5 Setup a docker container that holds a webdav instance to test files_external 9 years ago