Commit History

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Joas Schilling facde54bf5 Fix whitespaces 1 year ago
  Joas Schilling 6cc0d9fa20 Fix database configuration 1 year ago
  Christoph Wurst 0beb42ebe8 Remove comment about hhvm 1 year ago
  Robin Appelman ac26175a17 add azure unit tests with azurite 2 years ago
  Joas Schilling 13e04bc7d4 Use phpunit's directory feature 2 years ago
  Robin Appelman df6e23c98c add ci for swift primary storage 2 years ago
  Joas Schilling c3424df1f0 Require PHPUnit 6.5 or higher 2 years ago
  Robin Appelman 95d0b3d490 run postgresql 10 tests in drone 2 years ago
  Morris Jobke 37c4534adb Remove Jenkins varibales from 2 years ago
  Morris Jobke 9a34c5051f Fix drone 3 years ago
  Morris Jobke f73ca1b77f Add redis cluster tests to our CI jobs 3 years ago
  Morris Jobke ca62984b8c Add 10 seconds sleep time after postgres startup 3 years ago
  Morris Jobke e696b92297 Wait for Postgres to be available 3 years ago
  Morris Jobke ecb369b5e8 Add redis support to our CI jobs 3 years ago
  Joas Schilling 547f6ee009 Only loop over Test cases 3 years ago
  Morris Jobke d99ce3971b Namespace and array syntax fixes 3 years ago
  Robin Appelman ac2542f0f0 add ci support for s3 object store 3 years ago
  Joas Schilling 11fa8fe7ee Allow to run autotest with phpunit options 3 years ago
  Morris Jobke 83770651bc adjust to also wait 600 seconds for mysqlmb4 3 years ago
  Morris Jobke b1235a67de test alternative drone syntax for command options 3 years ago
  Morris Jobke d0a3d17912 add 4 byte mysql test run 3 years ago
  Thomas Müller d294ef23dd fix docker 4 years ago
  Thomas Müller 9c3f066dab Adding docker based unit test execution for mysql utf8mb4 4 years ago
  Lukas Reschke a1f5364d7f Generate coverage for quick DB tests 3 years ago
  Morris Jobke 11cc8903bb add actual check if mysql is up already 3 years ago
  Joas Schilling db710e0b03 Make tests work with 4.8 at least 3 years ago
  Morris Jobke 3acdc1339d Merge pull request #206 from nextcloud/ci-mysql 4 years ago
  Lukas Reschke 7a9d60d87e Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master' into master-upstream-sync 4 years ago
  Morris Jobke 41436fecc2 Add mysql job to CI 4 years ago
  Morris Jobke 6583a2fef0 Add postgres to CI 4 years ago