Commit History

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Andrew Morgan 4210ae1d96 Make it clearer that signedAssocs is separated 3 years ago
  Andrew Morgan e04fb340c4 Fix incorrect list name 3 years ago
  Andrew Morgan 8089c598ad Merge pull request #110 from matrix-org/anoa/fix_verify 3 years ago
  Andrew Morgan d3e62f2e03 Fixes for 3 years ago
  Andrew Morgan 5532635bc5 Properly verify replicated data 4 years ago
  Richard van der Hoff 4a64a89a68 example systemd file 4 years ago
  Richard van der Hoff 7fe9eefe91 v1.0.0 4 years ago
  Richard van der Hoff 824c83e135 Clean up and add a __version__ identifier 4 years ago
  Richard van der Hoff 972c57a007 Implement an internal 'bind' API (#92) 4 years ago
  David Baker 755b4a7b2c Merge pull request #91 from matrix-org/rav/config_cleanup 4 years ago
  David Baker 903a7b5215 Merge pull request #90 from matrix-org/rav/fix_deployment 4 years ago
  David Baker 3959ee90d3 Merge pull request #89 from matrix-org/rav/readme_fixes 4 years ago
  Richard van der Hoff 7c79a0b77e Put default config in the right sections 4 years ago
  Richard van der Hoff d9d1216c36 Add a manifest to fix missing files 4 years ago
  Richard van der Hoff 469880a002 clean up readme 4 years ago
  David Baker 4c22842524 Merge pull request #85 from matrix-org/travis/ping 4 years ago
  Travis Ralston 4b2f8bcdd6 Fix V1Servlet to actually offer the Identity API 4 years ago
  Travis Ralston 5e4900f464 Fix v1 servlet definition 4 years ago
  Richard van der Hoff 230c030471 fix missing NL 4 years ago
  Travis Ralston 525a826d82 Respond 200 OK at /_matrix/identity/api/v1 4 years ago
  Michael Kaye 5d3b08eddc Merge pull request #77 from matrix-org/michaelk/key-generator 4 years ago
  Michael Kaye 943dc0ea81 Update with review comments 4 years ago
  David Baker 9cca6616dc Merge pull request #73 from uhoreg/typo 4 years ago
  David Baker f76f5c92a1 Merge pull request #75 from matrix-org/dbkr/keep_more_logs 4 years ago
  David Baker 25bed3611c Rotate at midnight instead of size-based 4 years ago
  David Baker 07cd9ac405 Keep a year(ish) worth of logs 4 years ago
  Hubert Chathi f97aad5fd6 fix typo 4 years ago
  eleutheria 207531d2c4 Merge branch 'master' of 4 years ago
  David Baker b187faf606 Merge pull request #68 from matrix-org/revert-65-travis/200ok 4 years ago
  David Baker dea85d2e12 Revert "Respond 200 OK at /_matrix/identity/api/v1" 4 years ago