Commit History

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Richard van der Hoff 824c83e135 Clean up and add a __version__ identifier 5 years ago
  David Baker a90ec3a469 Do proper SRV lookup 6 years ago
  David Baker f348aa5d32 Bits of tidying up for SMS validation 7 years ago
  Daniel Wagner-Hall a6ed6e3c02 Generate public/private keypairs for 3pid invites 8 years ago
  Daniel Wagner-Hall 2be970b828 Switch from syutil to signedjson 8 years ago
  Matthew Hodgson ab4f3047af depend on the public syutil repo! 8 years ago
  David Baker 19df63064c Update to use singing keys rather than singing keys and update syutil dep 9 years ago
  Matthew Hodgson 93140996ce switch copyright owner claim from to OpenMarket Ltd as isn't yet incorporated 9 years ago
  Matthew Hodgson 17c243aae3 point at the right README 9 years ago 2360cd427f Reference Synapse Identity Verification and Lookup Server 9 years ago