Commit History

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Richard van der Hoff de6888e7ce Remove redundant WrappedConnection (#4409) 1 year ago
  Amber Brown ea6abf6724 Fix IP URL previews on Python 3 (#4215) 1 year ago
  Richard van der Hoff b3097396e7 Set SNI to the server_name, not whatever was in the SRV record 1 year ago
  Jeroen 505530f36a Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/develop' into send_sni_for_federation_requests 2 years ago
  Jeroen b5e157d895 Merge branch 'develop' into send_sni_for_federation_requests 2 years ago
  Amber Brown 49af402019 run isort 2 years ago
  Richard van der Hoff 546bc9e28b More server_name validation 2 years ago
  Richard van der Hoff 508196e08a Reject invalid server names (#3480) 2 years ago
  Jeroen b7f34ee348 allow self-signed certificates 2 years ago
  Erik Johnston 947fea67cb Need to pass reactor to endpoint fac 2 years ago
  Amber Brown 07cad26d65 Remove all global reactor imports & pass it around explicitly (#3424) 2 years ago
  Jeroen 07b4f88de9 formatting changes for pep8 2 years ago
  Jeroen 3d605853c8 send SNI for federation requests 2 years ago
  Richard van der Hoff 2117f84323 Merge pull request #3182 from Half-Shot/hs/fix-twisted-shutdown 2 years ago
  Will Hunt 2e7a94c36b Don't abortConnection() if the transport connection has already closed. 2 years ago
  Adrian Tschira e9143b6593 more bytes strings 2 years ago
  Silke 72251d1b97 Remove address resolution of hosts in SRV records 2 years ago
  Richard van der Hoff af19f5e9aa Remove spurious log argument 2 years ago
  Richard van der Hoff 8b38096a89 Fix error handling on dns lookup 2 years ago
  Richard van der Hoff 75e67b9ee4 Handle SERVFAILs when doing AAAA lookups for federation (#2477) 2 years ago
  Richard van der Hoff f65e31d22f Do an AAAA lookup on SRV record targets (#2462) 2 years ago
  Mark Haines 342fb8dae9 Merge branch 'release-v0.18.6' into develop 3 years ago
  Mark Haines 97ffc5690b Manually abort the underlying TLS connection. 3 years ago
  Erik Johnston 68030fd37b Spelling and comments 3 years ago
  Erik Johnston b7336ff32d Clean up 3 years ago
  Erik Johnston 5b6672c66d Wrap connections in an N minute timeout to ensure they get reaped correctly 3 years ago
  Johannes Löthberg d3bd94805f Fixup for #1689 and #1690 3 years ago
  Glyph 9f07f4c559 IPv6 support for 3 years ago
  Matthew Hodgson 792def4928 add a url_preview_ip_range_whitelist config param so we can whitelist the IP space 4 years ago
  Matthew Hodgson 4bd3d25218 Merge pull request #688 from matrix-org/matthew/preview_urls 4 years ago