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  Erik Johnston c02406ac71 Add new module API for adding custom fields to events `unsigned` section (#16549) 9 months ago
  David Robertson 9d3713d6d5 Add notes describing Synapse's streams (#16015) 11 months ago
  Sean Quah 60d59af300 Fix up docs summary to include new experimental features admin API docs 1 year ago
  David Robertson cbb0ee43cc Initial batch of notes on faster joins (#14677) 1 year ago
  sando38 64dd8a9c6e Include additional TURN server example into documentation (#14293) 1 year ago
  Will Hunt c913e440c0 Add monthly active users documentation (#13617) 1 year ago
  Brendan Abolivier 47822fd2e8 Merge branch 'master' into develop 2 years ago
  Andrew Morgan 6faaf76a32 Remove 'anonymised' from the phone home stats documentation (#13321) 2 years ago
  Patrick Cloke 1381563988 Inline URL preview documentation. (#13261) 2 years ago
  Patrick Cloke dcc7873700 Add information on how the Synapse team does reviews. (#13132) 2 years ago
  Andrew Morgan c0efc689cb Add documentation for phone home stats (#13086) 2 years ago
  Aaron Raimist 3ceaf1462d Remove docs for Delete Group Admin API (#13112) 2 years ago
  David Robertson 4579445cc5 Add missing TOC link to poetry cheat sheet (#13022) 2 years ago
  Sean Quah 3d8839c30c Add documentation for cancellation of request processing (#12761) 2 years ago
  Shay 3c758d9808 Add a manual documenting config file options (#12368) 2 years ago
  Brendan Abolivier e4409301ba Add a module callback to react to account data changes (#12327) 2 years ago
  Patrick Cloke 9a0172d49f Clean-up demo scripts & documentation (#12143) 2 years ago
  Patrick Cloke e4fdf459e2 Basic documentation for the release cycle. (#11954) 2 years ago
  Richard van der Hoff b3d155a749 Delete (#11907) 2 years ago
  reivilibre 83a74d9350 Document the usage of refresh tokens. (#11427) 2 years ago
  Dirk Klimpel 8b4b153c9e Add admin API to get some information about federation status (#11407) 2 years ago
  Shay 84dc50e160 Port wiki pages to documentation website (#11402) 2 years ago
  Brendan Abolivier 153194c771 Link background update controller docs to summary (#11475) 2 years ago
  Andrew Morgan 5f277ffe89 Add documentation page stubs for Single Sign-On, SAML and CAS pages (#11298) 2 years ago
  Erik Johnston 4ee71b9637 Add some background update admin APIs (#11263) 2 years ago
  Azrenbeth cdd308845b Port the Password Auth Providers module interface to the new generic interface (#10548) 2 years ago
  Patrick Cloke 52913d56a5 Add documentation for experimental feature flags. (#10865) 2 years ago
  Brendan Abolivier 03caba6577 Improve the modules doc (#10758) 2 years ago
  Patrick Cloke 89ba834818 Use attrs internally for the URL preview code & add documentation. (#10753) 2 years ago
  Callum Brown 947dbbdfd1 Implement MSC3231: Token authenticated registration (#10142) 2 years ago