Commit History

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Shay 8330fc9953 Cleanup references to sample config in the docs and redirect users to configuration manual (#13077) 11 months ago
  Hannes Lerchl 7d99414edf Replace pyjwt with authlib in `org.matrix.login.jwt` (#13011) 11 months ago
  Patrick Cloke ba3fd54bad Remove unstable/unspecced login types. (#12597) 1 year ago
  Kostas 1035663833 Add config for customizing the claim used for JWT logins. (#11361) 1 year ago
  Patrick Cloke 111e70d75c Return the proper 403 Forbidden error during errors with JWT logins. (#7844) 2 years ago
  Patrick Cloke 77d2c05410 Add the option to validate the `iss` and `aud` claims for JWT logins. (#7827) 2 years ago
  Patrick Cloke 2a266f4511 Add documentation for JWT login type and improve sample config. (#7776) 2 years ago