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  Shay 8330fc9953 Cleanup references to sample config in the docs and redirect users to configuration manual (#13077) 1 year ago
  Richard van der Hoff e24ff8ebe3 Remove `HomeServer.get_datastore()` (#12031) 2 years ago
  Azrenbeth 6e895366ea Add config option to use non-default manhole password and keys (#10643) 2 years ago
  reivilibre 19e51b14d2 Manhole: wrap coroutines in `defer.ensureDeferred` automatically (#10602) 2 years ago
  Christopher May-Townsend 1cf4a68108 Add note to about bind_address when using with docker (#8526) 3 years ago
  Patrick Cloke f64c6aae68 Update manhole documentation for async/await. (#8462) 3 years ago
  Richard van der Hoff 5ad1149f38 Notes on the manhole 6 years ago