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  Patrick Cloke fb664cf159 Remove warnings from the docs about using message retention. (#16382) 9 months ago
  Shay 73c83c6411 Add a warning to retention documentation regarding the possibility of database corruption (#13497) 1 year ago
  Shay 8330fc9953 Cleanup references to sample config in the docs and redirect users to configuration manual (#13077) 2 years ago
  Dirk Klimpel 298911555c Fix typos in documentation (#12863) 2 years ago
  Sumner Evans ece84f2c45 Improve code formatting and fix a few typos in docs (#11221) 2 years ago
  Dirk Klimpel 0adc2882c1 Fix broken links in documentation (#10180) 3 years ago
  Brendan Abolivier 9e66f3761c Update documentation on retention policies limits (#8529) 3 years ago
  Brendan Abolivier 08e050c3fd Rephrase 4 years ago
  Brendan Abolivier a443d2a25d Spell out that Synapse never purges the last event sent in a room 4 years ago
  Brendan Abolivier 3889fcd9d7 Fix typo in message retention policies doc 4 years ago
  Brendan Abolivier 3675fb9bc6 Fix reference 4 years ago
  Brendan Abolivier 7ba98a2874 Incorporate review 4 years ago
  Brendan Abolivier 01fbd95736 Apply suggestions from code review 4 years ago
  Brendan Abolivier b7dec300b7 Fix vacuum instructions for sqlite 4 years ago
  Brendan Abolivier 9279a2c4e4 Add a complete documentation of the message retention policies support 4 years ago